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    Question: Reampers VS. Line level Transformers?

    I'm in the market for a reamper (actually 2, because I like to have everything in pairs.) Whyle browsing for one I found this DIY kit which is basicly an Edcor transformer + some wires and inputs. Then... I remembered that I have a pair of Shure a95a line matching transformers laying around...
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    Simple Mod for DBX 242 Parametric Eq

    By brother got a DBX 242 with some other stuff, he couldn't use the DBX, so he gave it to me. It looks a bit cheap, but old DBX stuff tends to be ok. I'm in the middle of relocating my studio however, and can't really give it a listen. So I went on the various sites to see what people have to...
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    Rack synths and midi controllers... ehr... ???

    I've been recording guitar/bassguitar/vox/drummachine stuff for years now. Played a bit of backing synths too. Even took a few piano lessons to learn my way around a keyboard. Now, the most impressive :facepalm: thing I've ever done with midi is hook up a Roland HD recorder to a Triton...
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    Problems with damper on real time recording in Korg Triton. HELP!

    I've been trying to fix the following problem for five days, it's driving me nuts! I mean: Really driving me nuts! I've been programming drums and occasional synths on my Triton LE for years, so you'd think I knew the thing. Now I'm trying to real-time-record a hand played piano piece into the...
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    Ibanez SC10: perfect chorus for me, save for the slight distortion it ads. Solutions?

    I'm in a Post-Punk/New Wave band influenced by Siouxsie and the Banshees etc. So clean chorus sounds are vital to me. I have three different chorus pedals on my board, one of them is an Ibanez SC10. I love the SC10, it can make clean, single notes ring out like a bell (width open full, speed...
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    Anyone recognise this old 60's, Japanese guitar?

    How about this bass here, I've got an option on it for €45. It's advertised as home built, but I'm pretty sure the neck and hardware are from another old Jap bass.
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    Set of all nylon guitar strings?

    Does anyone have any idea if these are made? I'm not talking about regular sets with two/three nylon strings and three/four metal wound strings. I don't want the metal wound-thing. I'm aware that they would create to much tention on a regular guitar. It's for a project.
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    Does anyone recognise what brand these P90's pickups are?

    I got a lot of used guitar parts in yesterday. Among the stuff is a pair of P90 pickups. There's no info on them, does anyone recognise the brand or even which is the neck and which is the bridge pickup? Thanks. :guitar:
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    Does anyone recognise this old mic?

    I got this in, in a big batch yesterday. Looks like a MD21 spin off. Does anyone recognise it? Thanks!
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    Does anyone recognise this old guitar tailpiece?

    Thanks! :rolleyes:
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    Base wood, what?

    I'm doing a little project. Some one gave me a cheap Dean Metalman Demonator bass. I don't play metal, the pick-up sounds lifeless, but... it does handle nice. Also I have loaded pickguard off a vintage Teisco bass that I want to put to use. So I'm Frankensteining the two together for...
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    Biyang Guitar Pedal Problem/Problems/Hum/Humm/Hiss

    I do a bit of dealing in gear and bought a wholesales lot of 21 new Biyang pedals. Various copies of the AP-7 Delay, FL-8 Flanger and Metal-End pedals. I found them rather noisy. It wasn't much of an issue on the Metal-End, but on the Delay and Flanger it made the pedal virtually unusable and I...
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    Anyone recognise this Vox Channel Switcher

    I came across this channel switcher, anyone know which amp this belongs too:eatpopcorn: Thanks.
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    Does anyone recognise this old mic?

    I just got this mic in a big lot of vintage mics. Does anyone have the brand name and type number for me? Thanks!