Biyang Guitar Pedal Problem/Problems/Hum/Humm/Hiss


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I do a bit of dealing in gear and bought a wholesales lot of 21 new Biyang pedals. Various copies of the AP-7 Delay, FL-8 Flanger and Metal-End pedals.

I found them rather noisy. It wasn't much of an issue on the Metal-End, but on the Delay and Flanger it made the pedal virtually unusable and I don't want to sell people crap. (Imagine my concern, all this money down the drain.) :wtf:

Searching the web I found more people with the same problem, but no solution to the problem. :eatpopcorn:

Then I noticed that the hum was gone once you touch the housing of the pedal, that means it´s a grounding problem!!!

So I hope that anyone out there Googling for problems with their Biyang pedal finds this thread.

You will find that the problem is gone once you use an amplifier with a grounded electrical cord, plugged into a grounded power socket. (Incidentaly this may help if you keep getting electrical shocks from your microphone while playing guitar.) :eek:

Allthough these are all analog, true bypass pedals that sound rather good. I do think it's a rather sh*tt* design flaw. :spank:


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And if you have the same problem with a GFS pedal from Guitarfetish it's because they are Biyang pedals with a pretty paint job.


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Well, I wouldn't use these myself, but I've heard far worse budget pedals. A lot of my costumers are just kids who scrape a budget together from their pocket money.

The ground problem is a rediculous mistake though, and not in just one pedal too.