Does anyone recognise what brand these P90's pickups are?


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I got a lot of used guitar parts in yesterday. Among the stuff is a pair of P90 pickups. There's no info on them, does anyone recognise the brand or even which is the neck and which is the bridge pickup?

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Measure their resistance with an ohmmeter. The higher resistance pickup will normally be the bridge pickup. But either can go in either spot if you want to. The way I understand it....bridge pickups typically have more winding and hotter output to balance out with a neck pickup which usually has less winding and lower output since it naturally gets a stronger signal from the strings. There are a few pickup builders in here. Maybe they can chime in with better info.

As for the brand, I have no idea. There are hundreds of P-90 clones out there.


Just from the look of the lead wire and the base plate I would suspect they are just a set of far eastern generic pickups. No way to tell though.

Doesn't look like they have been pulled from anything as the wire tips are clean unless they have been trimmed. On a branded or specifically designed model you would expect to see some labeling on the reverse or at very least under the base plate.. Are they potted? What do they measure with a multimetre? Does it matter if they sound OK?


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Also, if they've been pulled fron the same guitar, just as a starting point, one would expect that the neck pickup would have the longer leads.


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They look like OEM pickups from a cheap Asian guitar to me. Some of those sound pretty good. Do the cover's come off?