Simple Mod for DBX 242 Parametric Eq


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By brother got a DBX 242 with some other stuff, he couldn't use the DBX, so he gave it to me. It looks a bit cheap, but old DBX stuff tends to be ok. I'm in the middle of relocating my studio however, and can't really give it a listen. So I went on the various sites to see what people have to say about it.

Turns out it's much loved. But there's some debate on if it's a good idea to chop out a certain cap near te inputs. Some say bypassing it totally opens up the sound on the unit. Some say it's good as-is, as it gives a kind of tape-warmth.

So, chop it or not?

I came up with a third option and performed it in about 15 minutes this afternoon. Put in a switch to bypass the cap, or not. It makes the thing a bit more versatile.

I'm just putting it out there for people reading up on wether or not to chop the cap.