Problems with damper on real time recording in Korg Triton. HELP!


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I've been trying to fix the following problem for five days, it's driving me nuts! I mean: Really driving me nuts!

I've been programming drums and occasional synths on my Triton LE for years, so you'd think I knew the thing.

Now I'm trying to real-time-record a hand played piano piece into the triton. So I hooked that up my stage piano to the Triton (via MIDI) as an external keyboard (for a better feel) and use the Triton just as sound module & sequencer.

Now. This is all working, but...

1. When I hook up my damper to the stage piano the notes don't sustain.

2. When I hook up my damper to the Triton it does sustain. Now don't cheer. Because when I play the piece back the sustain is gone.

I spend days with the manual and google trying to work this out with no luck at all.

So in the end I decided to throw in the towel and just play the piece and (like an idiot) give the notes the right length by hand in programming afterwards. How's that for deperate?

NOW... while doing this it turns out there is damper information there after all! It's making sure the notes get cut off in stead of sustained and no lengthening the notes can overrule this. It gets this information from both the Stage Piano and the Triton.

I'm finding it hard not to throw the f#ck#n thing out the window.

Just needed to vent that. If anyone knows a solution PLEASE HELP. I'm back to my manual... :facepalm: