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    trying to get back in

    I've had to take a break from recording for a few years, but I would like to get back into it a little and get a few things recorded. I have a Delta 44 card (PCI) which I have been happy with for almost 20 years. And I think it should still hold up. But I no longer have a computer that accepts...
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    I need some help for my drummer

    I've been playing with a drummer in church for about a year now. She is a decent drummer, but her playing lacks feeling. Any transitions or changes in timing become very difficult. Most fills come out awkward. She had played in rock bands for a little while previously. One of the concerns when...
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    Shure PG81 and Quantegy R-48 DAT

    Shure PG81 is a decent little SDC. The beauty of it is that it can use a AA battery to supply phantom power. It's in excellent condition, comes in a zippered pouch - no mic clip though. $75 shipped (USA) Quantegy R-48 DAT tape. Still sealed in cellophane. I bought it around 12 years ago - I...
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    silly question: V67G vs. AT3035

    Hi everyone. I have a V67G as my only LDC. I'm quite happy with it, no real complaints. But I have read over and over again the praises of the discontinued AT3035. My question is if the 3035 would be an upgrade to the V67G? Or would that be a horizontal rather than vertical move? Thanks for your...
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    2013 Shure Beta Series Rebate

    I thought I would throw this out there for anyone considering purchasing a Beta series microphone in the near future. Shure Beta microphone rebate
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    Fender California series?

    I'm usually not a big fan of Fender acoustics, but I saw a guy in church playing one of these from the California series and it sounded pretty nice to me. I haven't had a chance to get to a GC and try one out. Any experience or thoughts on these (Sonoran, Malibu, Redondo, etc.)?
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    figure 8 pattern using two cardioids

    does anyone use two cardioid mics to approximate a figure 8 patterned mic? any advice in general? anything specifically for Mid-Side technique? Thanks.
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    Can't get Reaper to find Yellow Tools Independence Free

    I think I've pointed Reaper to every folder in the Independence Free Root folder and it just doesn't find any VSTi's. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. Any help or advice? Thanks.
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    FREE: Yorkville YSM1 Studio Monitors

    I received this pair of monitors from a member on this board with the agreement that I offer them on the same deal he made me. These monitors are available for free to a student - someone short on cash, new to the hobby, etc. Since I wasn't a student, but was just getting started, I traded him a...
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    changing gloss finish

    My acoustic has a glossy finish and I really would prefer a satin/matte finish. Has anyone had any luck with some extremely fine sand paper and polishing? I don't want to destroy the guitar. Is there someplace I could take the guitar where they could completely strip that finish and re-apply a...
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    acoustic bass pickup in an acoustic guitar?

    I have a Seagull S6 cutaway that is purely acoustic and I'm looking to put a pickup in it. I have a Rogue acoustic bass that has a few problems, so it doesn't get played anymore - but it has a piezo undersaddle pickup that works just dandy. I'm thinking about putting the pickup from my bass into...
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    School me on acoustic guitar strings

    I don't consider myself a guitar player, I'm a bass player. But in the last 5 years I've been playing vastly more acoustic guitar than bass. I don't know anything really about guitars or strings. I usually like playing guitars that guitar players hate. I feel more comfortable with higher action...
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    Tips for working a live recording?

    I have an audio track taken from a camcorder recording of a live performance. I'm trying to work a semi-usable/decent result from it. It doesn't sound too bad, but there is quite a bit of audience noise. Any tips on clearing up and bringing out the vocals and acoustic guitar? (it's just a single...
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    newb question for monitor amp

    I have a pair of Yorkville YSM-1 monitors, but nothing to power them with. Can I use one of the outputs of a small headphone amplifier like an ART HeadAmp4? I'm assuming not, because the headphone amp is expecting a difference impedance and probably won't be able to drive the speakers. What...
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    I have a nasty habit of digging through the back closets of churches and trading them newer microphones for their old, unused mics. I've acquired several treasures that way, for very cheap or even for free. (I never scam anyone, I'm always honest about what they have and what it might be worth.)...