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All mics sound the same.
I have a nasty habit of digging through the back closets of churches and trading them newer microphones for their old, unused mics. I've acquired several treasures that way, for very cheap or even for free. (I never scam anyone, I'm always honest about what they have and what it might be worth.)
Anyhow, I walk in to church on Sunday morning and our sound guy has these two pristine EV RE15's on a stand :eek: Apparently, those were used to mic the choir before they installed the condensers that hang from the ceiling.
I'm not on a mission to acquire those EV's or anything, I just think it's really cool that back in the day someone actually thought it was worth while to invest in quality equipment. Maybe there just wasn't as much low end equipment available back then. Nowadays we mostly use Shure's PG series stuff or lower end Audio Technica - functional, but not fantastical.

That's all.

Jim Lad

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I just went through the old stuff with the choirmaster and flung out 1/2 a dozen old mics.
Not one EV among them.
The new mics? 4 Rode NT1As.
Talk about spoiled..


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VFW's and Legion halls are the same way. Big treasures to be found while I've installed new PAs within them.


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I did something similar a number of years ago when I was running FOH.
Found out that our SM81s had gone missing, found out that someone had bought about 4 AKG C1000s :laughings: and also found that the church had about 30 million Bass Amps scattered throughout.


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Nice! The coolest thing I ever found at my church was a Shure 55h. It's got an old-school connection though so I've never gotten around to using it!


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I didn't realise you guys were so religious, churches mostly get demolished here in Holland. I guess the end is near... :facepalm:.

But I believe it was Beethoven (a musician I tend to take seriously) who said music is the voice of god.

I suppose it makes sense to mic god's voice with some classy mics.

brother rat

All mics sound the same.
Why the fook not?
Lovely mics! No one would loose if you traded them for 57s or something.

I didn't say I don't want them. If he decides that some other mics would be better, I'd trade him in a heartbeat. But like I said, I'm not out to swindle anyone.