acoustic bass pickup in an acoustic guitar?

brother rat

All mics sound the same.
I have a Seagull S6 cutaway that is purely acoustic and I'm looking to put a pickup in it. I have a Rogue acoustic bass that has a few problems, so it doesn't get played anymore - but it has a piezo undersaddle pickup that works just dandy. I'm thinking about putting the pickup from my bass into the guitar. The nice thing about this pickup is that it's completely passive - tone and volume control, but no tuner, no battery required. I'm thinking that since it's passive it won't be so specific for the bass that it colors the sound of the guitar too much. Any thoughts?
I've installed undersaddle pickups before, so I'm capable of performing the operation. And it's no emergency. At worst, I try it out and it sounds terrible and then I have to spend the money on a decent pickup for the Seagull.
I'm just looking for opinions...


El Nacho
What are your plans for the guitar? Are you going to gig it, or do you use it for recording purposes? I'm not a big fan of piezo transducers. They generally are not very good. I think the passive variety are better than the active. The reason being is that the picking dynamics seem to get buffered when using a preamp. I only have one guitar that has a piezo. It's an old Applause 12 string with a passive unit. By itself it's not great, but it sits well in a mix of itself, a mic on the bridge, and another on the neck. You'll have to experiment with the distance of the mics because of phase issues. YMMV