Tips for working a live recording?

brother rat

All mics sound the same.
I have an audio track taken from a camcorder recording of a live performance.
I'm trying to work a semi-usable/decent result from it. It doesn't sound too bad, but there is quite a bit of audience noise.
Any tips on clearing up and bringing out the vocals and acoustic guitar? (it's just a single vocalist/guitar player)
The performer doesn't like me to post stuff online, otherwise I would put it up in the MP3 Clinic for some advice. I might see if he's ok with just posting a short clip so y'all can hear it.


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The Rock n Roll summer camps I provide live sound/backline/recording gear and services for always videotapes the concerts, to include in a video sold to the parents (yeah, like those folks haven't coughed up enough dough, at $1,200 per kid per week) and they ALWAYS have the videographer remix the sound from our feed. My point is, I don't think you are ever going to make a silk purse from that sow's ear.

Beat Poet

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Hmmm, I don't think you'll get rid of the audience noise with the uber-compression that most camcorders subject their recorded sound to.