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    I went out the other day to buy cherries and a microphone. Bought a Bing. Bought a Boom.
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    You know it's not going to be a good weekend when you start off sitting on a pair of HD280 headphones and snapping the head band just above where it connects to the ear piece. Now i'll just have to see how long superglue and gaffer tape last.
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    is it all hype?

    Earlier on, somebody asked why DAWs work at 32 bit. There's a good reason for this--virtually every DAW operates internally at 32 bit floating point because that gives a dynamic range so big (up into 4 figures) that you can pretty well forget it. However, you are NOT storing audio at a simple...
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    For those unhappy with your headphones...

    We get frequent queries asking about the best headphones for tracking. Perhaps we should start recommending THESE!
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    Borrow/rent an Acoustic Guitar on Big Island Hawaii

    A long shot but I thought I'd we have any members in Hawaii, on the Big Island to be precise? I have a friend from Arizona who is doing some gigs there, starting at the Kalani Resort on 13 January. Baggage restrictions (and fear of damage in the hold) mean that she's wondering if...
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    The "beaver" moon...

    I've also heard it described as a "Super Moon" but there was a lot of misinformation going around based on photos taken with the telephoto lens. The actual difference in size between the apogee (most distant part of orbit) and perigee (closest) is illustrated by this photo: Still, we had a...
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    How is the audio in these videos being recorded?

    CSP's post reminded me that I was going to put up this photo to give you an idea of the size and shape of a radio mic pack for you compare with your zoom: The relatively inexpensive XS (which is what I have) is far from the smallest unit out there. FYI my hands are, er, normal--not like...
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    Why I Like Doing Live Sound

    Finally, a good explanation why my personality is suited to doing live sound:
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    What is your ultimate setup?

    David Gilmour's studio moored on the Thames is lovely though. About ten years ago I was lucky enough to do sound on a video shoot there. (Well, less luck and more calling in favours...)
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    Good mic Preamp for cheap budget??

    Although the Portapak name didn't last, two piece systems (camera and a separate recorder) continued in the broadcast world until the late 1980s/early 1990s and the poor guy doing sound had to lug the recorder around. Here I am in 83 or 84--for once I was able to put the recorder down but it...
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    MXL v67 VS sE X1

    I've not used the v67 but have a fair bit os time on the sE X1 and think that, for the money, it's an outstanding mic. My experience with other MXL models hasn't been so positive but it's unfair to judge the v67 on the basis of other products. I suspect either would do the job for you--one...
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    Many Trees Video

    I recently put together a video for a friend in Arizona. The shooting was done by seven different people on 3 continents (with gear ranging from an iPhone to some really good HD cameras) so the quality can be a bit variable...and the music is definitely a different style to what most people on...
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    Want to Buy a Cheaper Effects/Reverb unit

    In late October, I'm going to have need of a basic effects/reverb unit to provide an effect on a live theatre show I'm doing. I can't believe I'm saying this but it doesn't have to sound good, just be cheap. Something like an Alesis Nanoverb would be ideal for example. FYI, this is me being...
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    Set up for 4 Mic podcast.

    If you really will need 5 mics sometimes then you'll need a mixer with 5 mic inputs. This may change your options for mixers--quite a few manufacturers make a jump from 4 up to 8 mics without much in the middle. Frankly, an 8 mic input mixer might be a good idea. If there's one thing I've...
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    Does Logic Pro Work in 32 bit Floating Point?

    ...and can you mix then export a mix staying in 32 bit FP? I have a friend who's a very talented singer songwriter who mixes all her own stuff in Logic Pro. However, she contacted me saying that her last couple of mixes had got too loud and were clipping. If this happened to me in Audition...