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  • Thanks for all your help. You definetely know what your talking about. And I appreciate it alot..!! THANK YOU
    hey i was wondering if i could ask you or you could ask your friends for me??? i have a CAD GLX2400 condensor microphone, and all i have is the microphone and no cord or nuttin! i was going to ask you WHAT DO I ALL NEED!!!! i am very confused. i have a cord that fits the jack but it wont work when i plug it into my computer. HELP ME!!! I NEED TO KNOW WHAT I NEED TO RECORD SOME RAP!!!! i want to keep it under 100 bucks!
    Hello Bobbsy - you seem to have joined around the same time as me but we've rarely bumped into each other. Thought I'd say hello from a fellow antipodean.
    Fair enough, Profbill. It's just that I like to be careful what I recommend when talking about spending other folk's money. If I come on too strong, apologies.
    You seem like a very helpful person who gives of your time to help others BUT I do not want to go round and round with cable as I just signed in to this forum. So let's say I will spend more on cable than you because it helps me sleep at night. The bottom line is all the great recordings we love were made with standard bulk cables and I don't listen to the Who and say they would have sounded better with monster cable.

    Well, the easiest way is to save up you money and buy the monitors, but....

    What you need to do is use what you have (headphones, computer speakers or hifi speakers) to do a mix then burn a CD (or make a good quality MP3) and play it everywhere you can think of--in your car, in your iPod, on a friend's hifi, etc. etc. and see how it sounds on lots of different systems. If you're really lucky maybe it'll sound good but, more likely, you'll decide you need more/less bass, more level on the vocals or whatever.

    When you've decided what you think would be better, go back and re-mix it to try and achieve the "better sound". Repeat all this several times

    Do this a few times and you'll gradually teach your ears what a good mix sounds like on whatever headphones/speakers you have available to mix on.

    (If it makes you feel any better, even with monitors worth thousands, you still have to "teach" your ears how to use them to get the best.)

    Hope this helps,
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