Does Logic Pro Work in 32 bit Floating Point?


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...and can you mix then export a mix staying in 32 bit FP?

I have a friend who's a very talented singer songwriter who mixes all her own stuff in Logic Pro. However, she contacted me saying that her last couple of mixes had got too loud and were clipping.

If this happened to me in Audition, (in 32 bit FP) I could just pull down the master fader or normalise downwards. However, she's panicking due to deadlines and wants me to try to sort things. I've never used Logic but would the project (pre or post mix) exist on her computer in 32 bit FP and could she export either the full project (I have software that lets me open Logic Pro stuff in Audition) or, easier, a 32 bit FP version of her mix? If either idea is feasible, could you give me some step by step instructions I can pass onto her? I said she's a talented singer songwriter...I didn't say she's great with computers. FYI, she's in the USA and I'm in Australia so I can't just pop round and see what's going on.

She's a very pretty redhead though, hence my desire to help! :) Thanks in advance.
This is probably too little too late but your could just have her send you the audio tracks at 24bit 44.1 through drop box. If she has midi she could "bounce in place" which turns it to audio.
You could also have her send all the individual tracks with all her processing turned off and one like she has it now, so if you thought a couple tracks need changing before she cooked them it would be no problem.

As far as I understand the 32 vs 64bit is the computer working above a 24bit recorded audio file.
That in fact is exactly what we did--I got the first 21 tracks yesterday and am busily mixing.

Thank goodness I had fibre installed a month ago. Tracks that were taking her five minutes to upload were downloading here in 1 or 2 seconds.