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    RIP John Sayers

    It wont mean much to many here but I've just heard of the passing of producer and studio design guru John Sayers John was active here on HR in the early 2000's and assisted many people even though he was from "down under", he will be missed in the Oz recording industry. 8-)
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    Crazy sad accident at this weekends gig

    Geezus.......being the owner of a Taylor 12 string, I really feel for Brent and regardless of someone else's opinion they're a damn fine splendid guitar. You can tell Brent that some old guy "down under" feels for him. 8-)
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    Happy New Year Y'all

    Thread title says it all. May everyone have a good 2019 and be here for another year. :cool:
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    WTF has happened.......

    I've been around here for more than 18 years and have seen this place gradually deteriorate, particularly after the "change of ownership". It used to be a thriving hub of discussion and quality information, regularly frequented by pro's and semi pro's who were only too happy to contribute and...
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    Telecaster Options

    NC and Phrase, Firstly, the Tele will never be for sale ;). I can't remember which lace sensors were where but I think the middle and neck were the same. This pic shows more of the body shape, the strings are DR's coated hot pink ......
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    Telecaster Options

    This is my Tele Plus........Fender issued two different p/u configurations, one is in previous pics, this is the other.
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    Tascam ATR60..........advice needed.

    OK guys, before lifting the top on my ATR-60 I thought I'd post here just in case someone has experience with the mechanics of these decks. The tape lifters on my ATR are "sticky" in the latter part of their they wont lift the tape completely off the heads during FFWD/RWND...
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    A dumb question re 456 vs 499

    Guys, I'm short on time to search the forums so a quick question...............My tascam ATR-60 16 is by default, set up for 456, however, I know a guy who has a heap of "one pass" 499 that he'll let go very cheaply. What differences will I notice between the two, if I don't re-calibrate the...
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    Hey Muttley.........

    Hey Muttley.........and Light Well mate, the journey has started..........I have my European Spruce wedges for the top plate, will hopefully get to lightly dress them on a jointer tomorrow ready for glueing up. Do you have any suggestions for sources of quality figured Maple back and side...
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    Light and/or Muttley.........

    Do either of you guys know whether the centre block of a 335 is part of the neck timber or is it a seperate block that the neck glues into? I guess this question applies to any other 335 style guitars from Gibson. Cheers and beers for Christmas :cool:
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    Fostex R2Rs 4 Sale

    Probably only of interest to guys on the US west coast but one of the regular nice guys (Stainless) over at has listed this.........: "2 (yes two) Fostex G-16's- one has the optional internal sync and midi feature- the one with no options has an intermittent output on 15... you can...
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    Mastering website plagiarism

    Cut and pasted from G/slutz......... "Hey Guys... Just wanted to point out a little bit of blatant plagiarism... If you go to: and also to: you will notice what looks like quite a well spec'd mastering suite. It...
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    John Sayers

    For those who have been around here long enough, I thought I'd let you know that John suffered a "mild" heart attack a few days ago. Word from his daughter is that he's doing OK and is due to be transfered to Sydney for further medical is hoped he will have a laptop to...
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    ESP guitars and associated stuff....opinions?

    Just wondering what the general feeling about ESP guitars is, especially their "cheaper" models. Also, they use Floyd Rose trems but what is the deal with those that are "licenced". Enquiring minds would like to know. :cool:
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    FYI.....DIY LD Mics

    Guys, I have a couple of capsules listed in the Classified section just in case anyone is interested. ChrisO :cool: