ESP guitars and associated stuff....opinions?


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Just wondering what the general feeling about ESP guitars is, especially their "cheaper" models.

Also, they use Floyd Rose trems but what is the deal with those that are "licenced".

Enquiring minds would like to know.



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i own an esp ltd truckster and play it thru a mesa boogie tripe rec with a g major processor and i love it...ive always liked esp that have a nice clean sound to them as well as a real nice dirty kinda gritty sound with a little bit of distortion...

id recommend esp to everyone but thats just me :)

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Just wondering what the general feeling about ESP guitars is, especially their "cheaper" models.

Also, they use Floyd Rose trems but what is the deal with those that are "licenced".

Enquiring minds would like to know.


I've tried a few ESP guitars and basses (LTD lines only), and found them to be OK, but nothing special. They all had super-thick clear finishes that hid some ghastly neck/body joints, and they all lacked that certain "Gestalt" that sets an amazing guitar apart from the masses.

YMMV, but I have returned all ESP LTDs that have passed my way.

I should also point out that I own a Westone electric guitar that I purchased from a local used store years ago which has one of the best necks I've ever played!! So I'm not a pretentious guitar snob by any means!! I just didn't dig them.

My only suggestion would be that you try a few out. If it feels right and sounds right, who the h3ll cares??

Right?! ;)

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I really don't like ESP's: I've played a few, including some signature models, and I've found all of the frets to be too deep for my taste. They just feel cheap to me. Every time I've recorded one, they've had problems staying in tune as well.


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Well, I've never really been into that eighties guitar thing (at least, not since the eighties), but their workmanship is fine. I hate their necks, but that is mostly because I can't stand necks with really flat radius fingerboards.


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I've been playing an ESP f-100 for about 4 years or so. I love it. I have never bothered getting a new guitar, just because I feel that nothing could live up to what this one has. Granted, I've upgraded it over the years. Replaced the Pups and just recently replaced the tuners. The tuner upgrade seemed to be pointless, I didn't realize how nice the stock ones actually were. But now I have grover locking tuners which are pretty nice as well, they look better at least.

I would recommend ESP to anyone. They are reasonably priced and they are built pretty well.



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I had an ec-1000 with jb/59 duncans in it and it sounded great. It was often picked over the Gibson LP Studio during the recording process. Never had a tuning problem nor did anyone complain about the neck.

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i have an ESP H-200(non-LTD) that i love to death. like someone mentioned, the neck is wide, flat, and has really huge frets, but i find that it fits my hands perfectly for rythym duties. my only beef is that the stock "duncan designed" pickups are really f'ing bright - but i'd rather have the brightness there when i need it, and adjust my tone control or amp to take it out when i don't want it there. i also have to say that this guitar not only stays in tune really well, but it also intonates to near perfection. on top of all that, i picked the thing up for $ just can't beat that. ever.

my other electric is a jackson PS-4, which is the total opposite...little tiny skinny round neck with active pickups, and plays fast as all hell

edit: also, someone might have mentioned it, but the whole "floyd rose licensed" thing is basically a result of other manufacturers paying the floyd rose co. to use their bridge design. same thing with the duncan pickups - they pay seymour duncan to use their pickup designs in their guitars, but duncan didn't actually build them.


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Licensed Floyd Rose tremolos are usually not as good as a "real" Floyd Rose, which is most likely made by Schaller in Germany. A real Floyd Rose tremolo uses high quality metal, has precision parts, and stays in tune better. But I have an ESP LTD MH-250 (LTD is the cheaper line made in Korea) with the licensed tremolo and it's not that bad. But I also have two guitars with a real Floyd Rose and the "feel" is different, and the tremolo itself has more mass to it. I also have a Carvin X-220 from the 80's or early 90's and it has the Kahler licensed tremolo which was the best version of the Floyd Rose ever made, it used aircraft grade steel parts and it still functions like new even though it's two decades old.


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here's my little lady.....
vintage Strat with Floyd Rose....just love it!


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