Tascam ATR60..........advice needed.


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OK guys, before lifting the top on my ATR-60 I thought I'd post here just in case someone has experience with the mechanics of these decks.

The tape lifters on my ATR are "sticky" in the latter part of their travel.........ie: they wont lift the tape completely off the heads during FFWD/RWND unless I give them assistance.

As thorough as the Tascam manual is, unless I'm going blind, there seems to be no real mention of the lifter mechanism, etc.

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Take the dress panel off.

Once you get it off check to see if the rubber cushion in the lifter solenoid is getting tacky, and also lubricate the lifter linkage.

I had to do this on my 58 and it worked wonderfully after that. Once you get the dress panel off and watch the lifters work it should be pretty clear.

The lubricant in the pivot points often gets a little gummy after years go by.


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Thanks for that, so I'm looking for a solenoid............it's been so long since I had the deck open that I've only got a sketchy memory of the mechanics but I should be OK to go. Any special lubricant required?

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Hey Chris,

I might have the same problem with my ATR-60/16 although the lifters are strong enough to lift the tape completely from the heads. There's still a mm or two that the lifters could travel if I "help" them along.

I'll soon have an ATR-60/2 to compare the lifter operation to the 60/16. Of course the tape is 1/4" instead of 1" so the lifters might not have that much to lift. We'll see... Maybe I should have a look at the 60/16's lifter solenoid, too.

That solenoid looks to be mounted to the underside of the main plate of the transport so I'm not sure if you could get to it from the top of the deck? This based on the exploded view in my MS-16 manual which shares an essentially identical transport mechanism with the ATR 60-16.

Cheers! :)