John Sayers


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For those who have been around here long enough, I thought I'd let you know that John suffered a "mild" heart attack a few days ago. Word from his daughter is that he's doing OK and is due to be transfered to Sydney for further medical is hoped he will have a laptop to resume communications shortly.

For anyone interested, John's studio design forum is here......



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Terrible news. Though I've never met him, his site offers a wealth of information... Get well quick John! I'll pray for you.


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:eek::eek::eek::eek::(:(:(:(:( OMG....!! Man, ya never know when its gonna happen.
I'll pop in his site and give my best wishes to him. Thanks for the heads up Ausrock. BTW, I'm 64 and having lived the life of a musician for so many years...:rolleyes::D I shoulda had one years ago. Oh well, ya only live once. Now where did i put that cold beer.:D