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  23. Pre effects
  24. Adobe CS3, CS4 or CS5
  25. Is there a way to use a pedal to start and stop Audition - rewinding would be great t
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  33. look at the images closely....please
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  41. How to make copies retaining the cues and labels?
  42. Point To Point Lead Vocal Removal
  43. Installing FloorFish VST in AACS6?
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  47. Will the Tascam US-1800 work with Adobe Audition 1.5 ?
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  51. What have I done?
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  59. cool edit pro 2.0
  60. AA 2.0...Volume kicks in louder when a track is armed to record.
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  69. Next Version of Audition
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  72. Frustrated by Adobe
  73. HELP! Need some advice on how to turn monitor off during recording.
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  77. Sound is distorted thru my alesis multimix 4. Please Help
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  80. looking for 'channel view' disabling commands!
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  91. Thinking of investing
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  98. Trouble configuring my setup.
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  111. High latency in Audition CC 64bit (it's about zero in e.g. Cockos Reaper)
  112. Massive latency/delay with Reason for only one session
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  116. how to detect or separate vocal parts from musical part , like autocue ?
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  130. Free Programs that One Adobe Sessions?
  131. Help on Multiple VO recordings using Audition
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  133. Wave Mapper
  134. V U metering is now only monitoring one device, yesterday it monitored all I/O.wtf?
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  136. From CE1 to AA3.. What a ride, and worth it. But that Delay effect?
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  138. Something OTHER than Asio? Unique setup here.
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  147. Audition 3.0
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  154. need adope audition 3
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  161. Cool Edit Pro 2
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