The Christmas Humbugger


I posted this to another board I'm on, and I thought you might like it too:


At the risk of becoming the humbugger of the list, let me say that I think Christmas cards were a great idea - when there were no telephones and no automobiles and no internet, and when postage was a penny and the cards cost a penny.

Nowadays there are elaborate cards that cost over $6.00 (and not-so-elaborate cards for over $4.00). The card companies are laughing all the way to the bank. Oh, and it costs 44 cents to send one.

I dislike sending cards, I dislike receiving cards, and if someone wants to remember me at Christmas, I'd much prefer an email, a phone call, a personal letter, or a funny amateurish hand-drawn card to a card they bought at a store, signed without adding a personal note, and posted with a hundred others.

Having said all that, let me direct you once again to the "card" I send (by email only):

(Yes, you saw it last year, but you've forgotten how funny it is, so read it again).

Nice timing--my wife and I just bought our cards today. After we completely forget about them until the last minute, then struggle to get them to the post office in time to beat the 25th, I'll remember this post. And she'll wonder what I'm laughing about! :D
I agree entirely. Cards are becoming increasingly impersonal. Heck, even my insurance company sends me a Christmas card.

So you're right, a phone call or such from a close friend is much more effective.
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Christmas cards may or may not be obsolete (I still like getting them and finding out what friends are up to - although often we don't get around to sending them) but your letter was pretty funny. thanks for the laugh.