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  • No problem, rep is just a way of patting each other on the back in any case. It ain't gonna put a bonnet on the babies head as the saying goes.:)

    Yeh, TP did ask me about those Godins a while back so I new you was due one. I wish my bruv was that generous. I had to tell him I had no experience of them but they looked cool for the money of he got a decent player. Glad it turned out well.
    Hello! I haven't been around, really... at all. Looks like not in the last year or so. I went through some periods of homelessness, car-dwelling, and moving around a lot, and haven't really done much music lately. That's changing! Finally getting back into it soon!
    Glad it's just a time pressure thing and nothing more significant.

    How did you end up with that Uke and did you get a tenot guitar in the end?

    Don't be a stranger too long.
    Everyone knows that Tom Waits rules!
    Re tenor guitars, I really don't have a huge amount of experience building them For me it would be a balancing act between cost and how much I intend to play on it. All my kit has to pay for itself over time. Do you have any specific questions about construction or detail? I may be able to offer a bit of help then. Other than that I'd check out tenorguitar.com. Sorry I can't be more helpful but in essence they are just a slightly longer standard guitar in my view.

    Good luck with it and why not post a thread see what others may have to say about it?
    Begin the day with a friendly voice a companion unobtrusive, plays that song that's so elusive and the magic music makes your morning mood!
    What is going on? Too many new features at once! We need Dragon to talk us through it all.
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