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  • :D:D:D

    sorry me again, i especially love your acoustic guitar recordings, I struggle to capture a good acoustic guitar sound, and tips??
    hey dude, thanks for comments on my tracks
    roughly whats your set up?, not that i have the funds to rush out and buy loads of sparkly gear but Im interested cause your sound is so pro.
    hey man,pms don't seem to work but i'm replyin to your broken re20 thread.

    i duno where you live but it's a lesser known fact that shuttlesound in the UK still honour the lifetime capsule warranty on Re model mics.(they officially handle EV repairs here)

    Thought it might be useful to you; If you don't live in the UK, it'd even be worth your while to find someone who does.

    Best of luck.
    It sounds like you had fun being Chef and a fantasticalicious time for all!:cool:

    I Celebrated with the two grandsons...no steak or crab..mmmm, you made my mouth water. I made a veggie/fruit/cheese/meat platter and an assorted
    cookie/candy/donut *goodie* platter for the little dudes..they seemed to think it was awesome. Our drinks consisted of Capri low sugar 100% juice on the rocks...:D My two guests of honor were asleep by 10pm.

    New Years day morning was spent with my mom, celebrating her 83rd birthday!

    Today I'm doing house chores...damn, where is that maid when you need him most?:spank:
    Oh hey, if you do I'll tell you where to go. Couple of nice places to visit. Will it be on a cruise ship?
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