Pops when slicing to midi


New member

I'm still using the free trial of Ableton and until yesterday I was seriously considering buying the full version once the trial runs out but I'm having real problems and hoping someone can help me.

When I drop a piano sample or any sample into Ableton, it plays fine, but once I slice to midi I get these horrible pops at the end of each triggered note. Someone in the ableton forum suggested bringing the attack up but that has made no difference. I keep thinking there must be a setting that I'm overlooking but what? My CPU usage is low, buffer size is fine. It only happens once I've sliced to Midi.

If ANYONE has any suggestions on how to fix this I would be so grateful. I was really getting excited about buying the full version as apart from this problem I think the software is perfect but now I feel like I can't use it.

Just incase you need to know, I'm using an Imac with a Komplete Audio 6 interface.

Thank you i advance for any suggestions or fixes. I'm pretty upset about it.