Music I like, what do you like??

I was never into country at all, but now I find myself playing 2 Dwight songs in the band and loving it (Fast as You, Guitars Cadillacs).
I was always amazed at the wordplay that Lennon and McCartney did. Stuff like Mean Mr Mustard and Polythene Pam

Mean Mister Mustard sleeps in the park
Shaves in the dark trying to save paper
Sleeps in a hole in the road
Saving up to buy some clothes
Keeps a ten-bob note up his nose
Such a mean old man

She came in through the bathroom window
Protected by a silver spoon
But now she sucks her thumb and wanders
By the banks of her own lagoon

My brain just doesn't think that way, which is why my lyrics are a "see the Moon, shining in June" crap!
I find lyrics the hardest part of writing. I throw away probably 99% of the lyrics I write. They just seem trite and hackneyed or I am just repeating myself.
I always leave them to last. Write the music first, see how it makes me feel and try to write lyrics that would be appropriate to that feel. I like writing in minor keys so a lot of my lyrics turn out to be "dark" and depressing.
As an experiment, try writing happy go lucky or positive message lyrics for dark or depressing chorded songs. Or vice versa. Heavy lyrically to easy going music. Or vice versa. The juxtaposition, at times interesting results can be achieved. Or ride that line of bitter sweet. I'm trying to think of an example of a popular song. Ah, I'm not sure why this one popped into my head, "easy", I guess. Can't you almost hear some ditsy broad saying, "They're playing our song, honey". Heh.

Sling Blade is a good movie. It seemed to drop off the map right after it's release.
Whoever did the guitar work as he is approaching the house to kill Dwight did a damn good job. It reminded me of the soundtrack of the bridge over the Mekong scene in "Apocalypse Now"
All of a sudden tonight I remembered playing a Loving Spoonful tune that my kids liked hearing me sing and play many many years ago.
Nice choice Doggoder. I can get into the big band stuff.

I saw BBVD a couple of times years ago. Then they seemed to fade away,
My high school friend, Fran Christina, played drums for a year with Asleep At The Wheel prior to the time he was the drummer for The Fabulous Thunderbirds.
Hot Rod Lincoln!

Ain't That Tuff Enough

Kim Wilson - vocal
Jimmy Vaughn - guitar
Preston Hubbard (since deceased) - bass
Fran Christina - drums

Fran Christina is just one of the guys I was friends with (and jammed with) in high school who went on to persue, and achieve, albeit, short lived stardom.
Saw these guys Sunday night. I was impressed with the playing. For the majority of the show, Rich Williams was the only original member. Phil Ehart, who is recovering from an arm injury, did play the encore. Billy Greer and David Ragsdale have been with them for 30+ years, so they have it down. The biggest question I had was how the singer, Ronnie Platt would handle the roll of Steve Walsh. He's got a very similar range, and does the music justice. I've seen them 3 times now, and this show was excellent.