Music I like, what do you like??


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Trying to shift away from the political stuff.

Bring it back to the roots as it were. No one signed up to this forum to argue politics.

While it can be fun, it can degrade into bitterness, animosity and divide us more.

Music can be a great healer. An uplifting force.

So with that I’m gonna share some stuff I like. Maybe you know it, maybe you’ll discover something new, maybe you’ll think I have horrible taste.... who knows :D

 Allman Bothers Vintage trouble doing Beatles

That’s enough...... for now.

Feel free to share your own.
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Nice. Good stuff! Good taste. You and I certainly have our differences in that other category - but when it comes to music appreciation - we have a lot in common. As I dig ALL of that! :thumbs up:
Thanks for posting. Although the wife at times force feeds me something different, I too often tend to revisit standbys on repeat. Now I have a play list for later this evening.
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I threw this one up around here somewhere, some time back.. worth a repeat.

Oh, what the hell.. I posted the 2016 Remastered first, but it didn't sound right to me, so I slipped the original in here - the songs are separated but will automatically sequence through the album. You know how that works..

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Like the one fly said to the other "Good Shit" :ROFLMAO:

Man why do have to get all musical n shit...can't we argue about sex, politics and religion some more? :laughings:

I need to take a listen to some of these videos above as some I don't recognize....Sky Pilot ...that's one for the books!

Since some of these are more off the "normal" chart I'll throw a couple down that influenced me.

Of course the regular stuff like the Beatles, Zep, Hendrix, The Doors, 3 Dog Night, J.Geils, Alvin Lee, Robin Trower, Foghat, The Who, Early Pink Floyd up to the wall, Yes, Genesis, Santana, The Doobie Brothers, Stevie Wonder, Eric Clapton and a shit ton of others all had their parts in the fabric of my musical soul.
I'd never listened to him before, but after seeing an amazing instrumental on video, I just bought a couple of Jeff Beck albums.
'Blow by Blow', and 'OLA Jeff Beck'. I think I'll get a few more soon.
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RFR, thanks for posting the Allman Bros doing 1983. That album side of Electric Ladyland is my all time favorite/desert island choice. I never saw the Allmans doing it, although I have seen the Randy Hansen version.
And with that, I’m gonna stop posting and hogging up bandwidth. :D

All to y’all now. (y)
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