let me see your studio!

good idea to post pix?

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Hanging instruments on the wall is aesthetically pleasing & all BUT how are they with things like sympathetic vibrations, resonance etc? Will/can/do/ought/should they affect audio in the space?


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If they vibrate against a wall while youre trying to track or mix, yeah that sux.... Stick a piece of auralex behind it, finally foam is useful for something! I have some guitars hanging on the wall and I never noticed any resonance or whatever, but I imagine room size, amount of absorption, guitar density, and about a gajillion other factors are at play there, so I may just be lucky.


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Here is my new little home recording studio - as You can see it is mainly analog and I have to do some acoustic treatment in control room, but work is getting near the end.







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Nice cozy looking space,...yummy analog gear too,...it's coming back baby!
Are you going to install some acoustical treatment in the control room in the future.


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Hi, thanks :) I'm installing it as we speak. I already treated side walls, I'm building a difusor for the back wall, bass traps for corners, and I'll see what I can do about the ceiling.

P.S. I really hope it's coming back, cause it sounds wonderfull :)


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I'm in the process of moving to a new location. The control is nearly complete. The tracking room is about 75% and I'm building a vocal booth that is about 50% complete. Here is a pic of the new control room...ControlRoomAfter(sm).jpg