let me see your studio!

good idea to post pix?

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I just moved my studio... here's the first pic of the current rebuild.


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haha... no not yet, the lava lamps are still in the old studio. what you see is a "fender" neon light on the ledge there.


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The last one is the maschine stand i made using old desk parts incase anyone was wondering. My setup is for hip hop and electronic music so I have no use for very many any things that arent software based.
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Tracy Towns

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My studio which is done because I'm out of space (the hardware anyway)

[/attach]X2 Workstation.JPGEquipment Rack.JPGGuitars.jpgBasses.jpgVocal Booth.jpg


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Home Studio in Perth

My home studio needs a little TLC as it is nearly 20 years old but here it is in Perth WA. New Studio Gear.jpg
This is the control room, the recoding area is a large room through the glass.