did anyone else mourn les pauls death?

Sure did

Not just in passing either. There was a thread on here about him for a few days. Sad to see him go: brings the mortality thing home. He did live a full life, and did some amazing things. Just about everybody here knows exactly what he did for us in particular. But maybe it was time for him to go be with Mary.
More importantly, did anyone NOT?

If you're a musician, even if you're not a guitar player, and you're on HR.com, then you owe him more than nearly any other person I can think of, end of story.
...But maybe it was time for him to go be with Mary.

probably not what he wanted, since they split up about 50 years ago....:eek:

While I was saddened by his passing, he did live a full and productive life....especially considering his major contributions to recording and popular music occurred around 60 years ago! I actually was fortunate to see him perform 3 years ago in NYC. Pretty amazing how much energy he had then.