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  • i hear the peace about falling in and out of intrest, i got like 10 'hobbies' i bounch back and forth between, but my music <mostly lyrics> are the most importiant to me, so even when im out of the groove, for awhile, i make sure i keep it up, by draggin out the guitar, too keep my fingers nimble, and 'singing' <im getting better, preamps and reverb helped me alot>. never surrender!

    np on the garden, i like cats alot, they can take care of there selves if need be, and they are always themselves, unlike some people. and they can lower your blood pressure! <thou i've seen some crazy assed cats that live indoors all the time, these do not help blood pressure/stress>.

    message too long....
    yeah, i play guitar, piano/keyboard, and "sing" lol. but i haven't for awhile, i'm so on & off with music. when i came here i was all into it again, now i'm not... so it goes:) i probably won't be around much anymore since i'm not into music at the moment, but it was nice meeting you.

    thank you again for the garden information, and i am seriously considering getting a cat. i wanted one anyways:)

    well, again nice meeting you.

    good luck with your music:)
    i hope thats true man, cause you take alot of brutal ass kickings. nobody can have fun losing all the time, imho.

    im doing as good as can be expected, im still alive <i assume> and i got some food stuff.
    hi, lol my kicking ass posts are pretty much for fun, some of the oddest things make me laugh hard sometimes? lol

    hope your doing well
    Thank you cant today is my b-day but if your going to give me rep you have to show or unblock your rep.
    Thanks again.
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