Cycling... Anyone here into it?

Yesterday I went for a typical short ride down to Mud bay. Absolutely gorgeous day that hit 25C or so. Shorts and T-shirt!

But... holy carp! I thought the days of the Nemesis puddle were over, but no... Not only is it back, but dayum... it has moved, multiplied, and it's huge!

This picture doesn't do it justice. It goes right around the corner, and must be 200 - 300 feet long! It's also freakin' deep.

This is looking back from the other side. My feet were immersed with every pedal turn, and completely soaked.

You are then immediately faced with the other one. A bit shorter, but just as deep. I was horrified at the thought of having to stop in the middle...

Warned a few cyclists heading the other way. Anyway... made it to Mud bay. What a fantastic day!

A lonely kite with no owner/operator...

Needless to say I chose an alternate way back...
A nice day today. Sunny, but windy and cooler around 15C.
Headed south to Mud bay again...

Couldn't resist seeing if the Nemesis lakes are still there.

Yeah... not doing that again...

Turned around and hit Watershed park, still southbound...

Where has the ocean gone???

Whilst downing some water I could see a guy (seen in the background) with his bike upside down and a trailer. He was wrenching away...

So I wandered over there and asked if everything was OK. He's a younger dad with two small kids in the car waiting to get on the trail.
He asked me if I had an air pump and was admonishing himself for not checking the tires before leaving the house. His was one of those tiny lightweight very small capacity pumps.
I said "have I got an air pump for you!"
I asked him how much psi he liked in the tires, and his response was "I don't know, whatever you recommend." The front had maybe 15psi, and the rear was dead flat. He would have been there for a loooooooong time with that tiny pump.
I got him up to 30psi front/rear in seconds with the Fumpa pump. Dude was so happy!
Felt great helping a guy/family out...
You measure your tyre pressure? I just feel for about the right hardness.
Yup, the pump has a built in gauge so I use it. What I've found is that I like around 30psi as a sweet spot for road/off road.
Not gonna lie though, I'll often do the feel test and ride away without checking with a gauge.
First home ride of the year. (Did 50 miles on rental in Florida in March.) 17 miles of back road to dirt road to freakin mountain climbing. No pics unless my lady got some - I'll check.
Looks to me like they hit him on purpose?
It does. However... you're on a bicycle asshole. Stay on the right. It's like the jerks walking around the woods during hunting season without wearing blaze orange. "You'll be sorry if you shoot me." Yeah? Not as sorry as you.