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    Mixing board recommendations for circa $4k or less?

    Hey guys, Although I've been using a Mackie 1604 VLZ-Pro for recording and mixing (which was initially supposed to just be a temporary solution), I've become unhappy both with the track count limitation (I'm using two sync'ed TSR-8 machines for recording, so with 14 tracks usually being used at...
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    Timeline Microlynx/Tascam TSR-8 sync problems

    Hi all, I bought a used Timeline Microlynx a while back, so that I could sync up two TSR-8s. I had a friend custom-build the cables per the wiring schematics that are floating around online (I don't remember the web site name off-hand, but it also had the Microlynx manual). Tonight, I striped...
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    Need a quick fix for tape issue

    Hi everyone, I bought three reels of RMGI 911 about a year and a half ago. I intermittently used one of the reels from April to October of last year without any issues. I went to crack open a new reel today in order to transfer guide tracks for a session tomorrow, and...the damn reel started...
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    Is a shock-mount rack case necessary for transporting a tape machine?

    Hi everyone, Well, I'll soon be doing a few sessions on location with both of my Tascam TSR-8 machines. My initial plan was to transport them in the back seat of my car in regular rack cases, finding some way of tying them down so they wouldn't bounce around too much...but I've seen some people...
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    Replacement Timeline Microlynx power supplies?

    Hi Guys, Does anybody know of an off-the-shelf replacement power supply for a Timeline Microlynx? I bought a unit a little over a week ago (sans power supply) and attempted constructing a replacement power supply based on information given to me in an earlier thread. Unfortunately, I'm still...
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    Mic recommendations for recording string orchestra and (separately) grand piano

    Hi, I'm in the pre-production stages for a project which will involve recording a 14-piece string orchestra (8 violins, 4 violas and 2 celli), as well as separately tracking a grand piano, and I'd like to buy a pair of condenser microphones to augment my current pair of Shure KSM32 mics. My...
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    What is the best device to sync two Tascam TSR-8 machines?

    Greetings, After buying a Tascam TSR-8 a couple of years ago and enduring constant headaches with trying to slave a DAW to it (I suspect the problem emanated from the sync box, but I've never bought another one to attempt testing that theory further than I already have), I've decided to buy a...
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    Viable tape to digital sync options?

    Hi, I hope somebody can help me with this. I want to know what the available machines for slaving a tape deck to a DAW are. I had somebody recommend the Timeline Micro Lynx in a previous thread, but finding a complete set (including the interface box, let alone the cables) seems to be a tall...
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    Questions about 406 tape

    Hi everyone, Well, it looks like I'll be bringing home my very own TSR-8 in a few days. Even though this is becoming the beginning of a 'studio revision' project for me (I hope to eventually cap it all off by building my own echo chamber). I've been doing some research on what types of tape...
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    WTB: Tascam 388

    Hi Everyone, I am looking to buy a Tascam 388. I have been checking Craigslist and local classified ads with no luck, so I thought I would ask around here. I live south of the DC/Metro area. Thanks
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    The Ever-Popular "Which Reel-to-Reel Should I Buy?" Question

    Hi, So, after considering picking up a Tascam 238, I decided to go ahead and start looking at getting more serious about working with tape -- i.e. moving to reel-to-reel. I'm looking for recommendations, especially since my experience with reel-to-reel units is pretty limited. I admittedly...
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    How to make TASCAM 238 chase DAW?

    Hi, After years of working in digital and finally becoming frustrated enough with the limitations of the format, I've decided that I want to start working with tape again -- specifically, I've been looking at getting a TASCAM 238 (I know that real tapeheads will grimace at such a prospect...
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    Cubase LE 4 - Disable quantize on mixdown?

    Hi, I started using Cubase LE 4 a few days ago (I don't have access to a lot of my other recording software, and Cubase was bundled with a piece of gear that I just bought, so I figured I would try it out). It seems okay, even if it is a real pain to use at times. I've found ways around most of...
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    Need some recommendations for a mixer

    Hi everyone, I don't know whether I'm looking for a needle in a haystack here, but hopefully somebody can point me in the right direction. I need to find a mixer that has outputs for every channel (or one that can at least be rigged so that each channel has a separate output). It doesn't have...
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    MSR-16S reviews?

    Considering that this unit records 16 tracks on 1/2" tape, I have to wonder about the sound quality. Do hot levels have significant bleed-over problems on this machine? How is the sound quality in general? Is this machine worth picking up, or should I hold out for a different r2r? Any thoughts...