Mixing board recommendations for circa $4k or less?


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Hey guys,

Although I've been using a Mackie 1604 VLZ-Pro for recording and mixing (which was initially supposed to just be a temporary solution), I've become unhappy both with the track count limitation (I'm using two sync'ed TSR-8 machines for recording, so with 14 tracks usually being used at once for mixes, it doesn't offer me a great deal of flexibility as well as any future expandability) and, more importantly, the rather brittle sound of the board. I've been eyeing the Toft ATB-24 for some time (I think I actually prefer the sound of the Oram 80-T boards, but from what I've read of the board build quality, as well as the fact that they tend to be more expensive here in the US than the Toft boards are, the ATB-24 seems to be the better buy), which can be found (sometimes) as a refurb from Toft Audio for around $4500...but I'm wondering if I can't do better in terms of bang-for-buck (or, at the very least, I'd like to know that I did as much research as I could before spending money).

What I'd like to know is: are there any boards that people can recommend which retail (either new or used) for roughly $4k or less? Has anybody compared any boards they'll recommend to the ATB-24, and if so, what were their thoughts on pros and cons of the boards? For that matter, what thoughts do people who own (or have used) ATB-24s have on that board?

I know I'm biased, but The Tascam M520 Is a great, versatile, good sounding board. I have many hours on these desks and currently own two.

They can be had for a song as well. Currently I've seen them going anywhere from 200 to a grand. Most common average price is 5 bills.
Does no one on this forum like personus mixers? these are good boards that can be used live or in studio. love their preamps and the feel on the 100mm faders. everything on board that you can ask for. eq, effects,gates, compressors,etc.... the list goes on . i've had an sl 1642 for nearly 4 years . no problems at all. good board for the money.... this is coming from an old analog mci 500 board i used to work on guy....
The presonus is not really a full on mixer if youre talking about the studio live versions (i have a 24 by the way). It is really more of an interface for the computer. Yes it can do live but in my opinion it was designed and built to work with presonus's DAW Studio One mainly.I have no experience with other mixers they make, so if that is what youre talking about, please disregard this, LOL
How much?

Post some pics.


Board is in like new condition. Have extra channel strip (brand new in box) and all original boxes/pallet. Currently installed and operational in studio in NJ. I love the board but I hardly use it so I am considering parting with it. I can get better pictures - If really interested PM me.
It seems in your post you're from the US and I don't know how common they are there but I love our DDA Q. It's clean sounding though definitely not in the boring way and is fully modular which makes repairs and upgrades much easier. People tend to compare them to Midas and Soundcraft. Amazing preamps and even better EQ's. When working on our old Fostex 820 I used to be conservative as fuck with EQ, hardly ever boosting anything but this have changed after the DDA as it seems to boost stuff just the way I wanna hear it.

There's several DDA's including some dedicated studio desks with automation which could be well inside your price range too. Ours is from the early 90's and as far as I know they was made until early 00.
Another DDA fan here. Its just in the US it is very hard to find parts for them. Awesome EQ and pres. Everything in and out balanced +4. Mine is all transformer coupled.
I solved my parts problem by buying a second console cheap and harvesting the goodies!