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  • Thanks for the heads-up, Terfyn. I still have my MR16HD. I've stayed pretty steady with Reaper for the time being. Been waiting for an opportunity to start using my Fostex again, maybe record with it then move files over to Reaper for manipulation, mixing and mastering.

    Much appreciated,
    Okay.. I'm glad it works... If you want to contribute any information to the forum please do.. I can make you a moderator if you want it..
    I recently purchased an MR-16HD (w/o CD burner). I have been able to perform the most basic functions, but the more I read online, the more I believe I'm way off bass as far as connecting my equipment. I have an Alesis SR18 and a Focusrite Trackmaster Pro. I have been running my guitar into the Focusrite, then using one 1/4" cable to connect the Focusrite to the MR-16 (using Input A - unbalanced), then using another 1/4" cable from the Alesis into Input B of the MR-16. From reading online, I have seen suggestions about using two cables to connect the drum machine to the recorder to make it stereo (how?) and to use a Y-cable to connect the Focusrite to the recorder (again - how?). Any advice on how to connect these items correctly would be greatly appreciated!
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