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    Yo Muttley, you still around?

    Hey brother!
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    DI/Re-amp box needed to route interface audio through pedals and back?

    Hi guys, Long time, no post. Seeing a bunch of videos online of folks using stomp boxes and Hi-Z gear in routing trails. Most seem to just whip a line out from an interface and away they go, back am experiencing significant gain when I do (even when putting a Buffered pedal like a Boss...
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    New Soundcard/DAW

    Hey guys, Getting back to computer-based recording after a pretty long hiatus! Downsized quite a bit but would like to pick up a few basic bits and pieces for a home setup/project studio/whatever. Was hoping for recommendations/thoughts in the are of both a Soundcard and a DAW: Soundcard I...
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    What's everyone using for Compression?

    Can't turn my back on my boss CS3, at least not for long - I like that very obvious compression. I have been toying around with a Pigtronix Philosopher's Tone for a while, and while I do like how quiet it is, it seems a bit over-engineered and the squash on the attack takes aot of getting used...
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    Good Small Valve Head?

    Well guy, here it is. Haven't had much time at all to play it, but so far so good. The break-up is pretty much as expected, and as described via YouTube and other review sites. I won't get much clean head-room here, but the fact that the cleans have a decent amount of depth to them is nice...
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    Hey Muttley!

    Hey mate, how are ya? Quick one for you, and I apologise, as I'm sure it has been asked before. I was wondering if it's easier for a luthier or someone in the know to set-up a guitar with one gauge versus another? Reason I ask is that I've used two different Luthiers here in Ireland for more...
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    Good Small Valve Head?

    Hey guys, Have been out of the game for a little while and wondering how things stand with the small amp craze. I'm wondering what people's thoughts are on a good Valve head in the $500 range? I've been using a Blackstar HT 5 (average all-round but no break-up) and an Orange Micro Terro...
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    My New Fuzz

    So a chap I work with found out I was into guitar and asked me if I fancied a fuzz pedal. A couple of weeks later, I was landed with - my very own Rush-inspired guitar pedal! Man, some people are cool. Haven't had a chance to test it myself, but no matter how it sounds, I think this is pretty cool.
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    Fender - Not so impressed....

    Have been on the periphery of all things guitar for the past year or more but have been playing with more frequency of late. I've been predominately a Fender guy and thought I'd see what they're pushing these days, but their website is just confusing as fuck! Way too many models with way too...
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    Question for MsHilarious

    One from the archives here but I was wondering what the A-rated self noise spec on a Naiant MSH2 is/was? :D
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    Grounding a Pickguard

    I read on a Lollar FAQ that you should ground the back of a pickguard by attaching a wire to a control pot or or the back of the bridge plate. Presume this is only for foil-shieled pickguards? Sorry, bit of a stupid question!
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    How does he do this?

    Joe Bonamassa - Blues Deluxe - YouTube I get that at first, he's 'violining' with the volume pot. But how does he do it at around 0:26? His attack is totally gone but it doesn't seem as if he's adjusting anything. Is he still moving the pot with his pinky?
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    Hey Anfontan!

    How are your Teles going these days mate? I want these pickups for a fret King T-style I picked up last year: YouTube - Bare Knuckle Blackguard Tele '55 Stagger pickups
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    Have I lost the plot?

    At some point in the last two weeks I realised that my very long pedal chain was degrading my sound. I had almost forgotten what a bypassed signal sounded like, and when I plugged directly into an amp I came to my senses. Well, kinda. The thing is, I really like pedals. I like the flexibility...
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    Couple of Les Paul questions...

    Hey chaps, Couple of things. My LP selector switch can make a kind of scratchy sound when switching from neck to middle and bridge. I assume the solution here is a little bit of contact cleaner? Second question, a little more awkward. Alot of the time, if I have some overdrive or distortion...