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  • Yeh I remember you having some issues with that Tele a while back. Something about having a softer than normal finish wasn't it.

    Anyway what is you aren't happy with? The sound or the feel? New pickups can sort out one but not the other. That would be the way I'd approach it.

    What new axe would you have in mind if you went that way or what pickups you looking at?
    Yes, I do have a soundclick page. You did drum loops for a song called "Such A Shame", which has since been retracked with real drums and better guitar amps...

    I'll look up the soundclick page and give you the link later!
    TelePaul 1st rule of marketing - where there's a Pepsi, there's a coke!

    LOL I was'nt trying to market these I was just trying to help out fellow pickers
    thanks for the positive rep.

    I dont know if anyone else feels the same as I do but I would like to burry my foot up mutley and lights ass for being such turds LOL
    they give good advice but can be real arrogant bastards and I aint talking about the ale LOL
    Have a great day!
    Ive been trying to, but my computer wont let me now, so even when i do wanna post a thread, its not letting me. so, i dont really have a choice.
    I remember a jam session many years ago where I ended up playing next to a guy with a hot rodded Mesa Boogie amp, with a JBL speaker I believe. I was playing an Ampeg 100 watt amp with 2 12" speakers and I could not hear my amp at all!!
    After a short time I figured I had better get the Hell out of there and save the rest of my hearing while I could......
    Tele Paul said--I also have something of a band audition/jamming session Saturday and I'm pretty nervous
    Hey Paul, I hope that the audition went alright. Did you get the gig? Don't let auditions intimidate you, I just go to them with the feeling it's just a jam session and to relax and enjoy myself...
    To be honest I don't have time for a lot of TV. Most of stuff I watch is recorded or the sports. I'll check it out.
    Trouble with this is the conversation takes place in two places. A bit like a phone call. Must be interesting for the casual bystander. I like the old style PM's better, or should we be chattin in the same cp? How would I know if you've responded? This online communication lark is getting beyond me. Hell I was ten when we got our first telephone in the house.:eek:

    I'm sure you can handle the jamming bit. Get in there and move some air. After all thats what it's all about.:D
    Cheers, thanks for that. It kind of makes sense. I guess I should take an interest in that social networking phenomawotsit...:o

    Can't see it stripping the threads of off topic posts though. Not the way things have been cooking up in the guitar and bass forum..:D

    How's life and relaxing treating you. I remember feeling sort of numb when I finished my degree. Sort of good but empty at the same time? Familiar?
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