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    So I have way too much gear

    My "quarantine" home office is in the same room all of my gear is set up in and where the storage closets are. My big project was to empty the closets and not put anything back in. Been about 50% successful and a bunch of stuff went to new EBAY and Craigslist homes. 2021 = round 2 and hopefully...
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    Lazy capstan solenoid

    I have rotated my Teac A-6300 back into use and find that the capstan solenoid has become a bit lazy. What I mean is when i engage play, the brake solenoids release sharply but the capstan solenoid( in the same circuit loop) does sort of a "stutter click" when engaging and rather than sharply...
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    Tascam 112 cassette pitch speed control issues

    I have a pair of 112 cassette decks and both of them have issues with the pitch speed control. When i bought them, both decks needed belts and the pitch speed control was jacked. When i enabled the pitch control button the motors go into full fast speed with the heads still engaged of course...
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    DBX 119 et al

    I answered an ad for this pile of gear even tho I have some version of most of it. I mean, who buys gear they dont really need, right? The money shot was the 3BX, but in a field check it came up dead. The rest of the gear passed a preliminary check, so it all came home cheap. What I have is...
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    DBX 3BX-R Remote Manual help

    I use a DBX 3bx, one of the first series units, as part of my playback system. It does a really nice job on old vinyl, quieting down the surface noise in compression mode and livening up the music in expansion mode. I recently acquired a 3BX-R remote which adds functionality and has user...
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    Teac 6300 Capstan Solenoid flaky

    For some time the solenoid that pulls in the pinch roller on my 6300 has been lazy, i.e. when i press 'play there is a slight delay and an audible double 'click' before the pinch roller pulls over. Thinking about it I presume there is a relay that energizes the solenoid and thats the first click...
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    Eq Recommendation

    I posted this earlier in the Analog section where I usually lurk, but realize there may be some valuable insights from another group as well..... I am soliciting recommendations from gear experts (junkies) for an equalizer. I have my own ideas but want a wider perspective. Since my original...
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    Equalizer Recommendation

    I am soliciting recommendations from all gear experts (junkies) for an equalizer. I have my own ideas but want a wifder perspective. Since my original failed I have had two others which both lasted only a short time. I think this is one of the downsides of *vintage* equipment, and eq's are...
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    Akai 202D SS?

    Both Teacs are simul sync machines. The 3340 non S has a shuttle lever for selecting fast mode or standard play. The S version has the typical array or pushbuttons and no lever. Among other improvements onthe S version, the shuttle lever elimination made it more reliable.
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    TASCAM Wallpaper

    Sort of a studio. Like those Mac's too!!
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    Tascam 308B PFL oddity

    I have dusted off my 308B and am trying to address some of the gremlins it has acquired. >>>I really need to flip it over, crack it open, and clean all the pots and reseat all the cards, but from the first power up.... When I press and of the Pre-fader listen (PFL) buttons, I get an audible...
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    Revox PR99 Mk II: Can I use headphone output instead of line outs?

    I have a Revox PR99-II that has an issue with the channel 2 line, there is no output. When i got the machine it was heating up and had smoked one of the resistors (R5 or R6) on the output board, like it had a short somewhere. I replaced both resistors (L+R channels) and cleaned up...
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    Can I PLAY any tape on any machine??

    Much has been made of having a reel to reel biased for the particular tape type being RECORDED upon, but what about a machine PLAYBACK capability?? At issue is I am finally making time to sort thru my large tape collection, which is made up of a vast variety of manufacturers, thicknesses...
  14. T I got all these tapes...

    Once again I broke my vow and bought another tape machine.. an Otari 5050 1/2" 4 track, and it came with 24 reels of tape. Most of it appears to be Ampex 456 which a few reels are Quantegy GP9. I say "appears to be" as I am going under the assumption that the tape is on the original reels, if...
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    MCI on C-List

    Not mine but near me. mci tape machines FWIW