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  • Can't make Mayhem - I'm in Florida for a few days. Have a good time! We will have to hook up soon man.
    Right on man, thanks! It is definitely in the vein of Green Jelly. Band members are just as ugly too! LOL!
    Dude! That's awesome! :drunk:
    What are ya gonna be doin?
    Adventures indeed man. I used to like seein what's around the next corner and bouncing around state to state...any more? Not so much. Got around 20 years of roots laid down and pretty much raised my kids here.
    But damn man. Hope it all goes smooth sailin for ya.
    Ya gotta keep us posted (me mainly cuz you're my hero :D ) on how things are goin for ya.

    Mad props man. Congrats on da new job. :drunk:
    Hey man thanks!
    Most of what you hear on my site is mesa dual rectifier, peavey 5150, and a crate cab with vintage 30s. I pretty much almost always use a single sm57 to mic it up.

    Drums are usually superior drummer 2, I like the sound of it a lot.

    Anyhow this is me on facebook: Nerol Studio | Kostnadsfri musik, turnédatum, foton, videos
    SuprDude! :D

    Things is good considering I have a teenage daughter. :p

    Band is thumpin along pretty good. Picked up a GK bass head, 500 watts, 4X10 cab and then added a 1X15.

    I still hang around about every day but don't post much. Just kinda skim, help where I can and flip a little shit.
    Situation normal. :D

    Peace dude....good to hear from ya. Hope life is treatin ya well.

    woof :drunk:
    I won't hold it against you for being a Packers fan. You can't help it that you have a head full of cheese, they haven't found a cure for that yet ;) :D.

    Seriously, you guys got a good team that's peaking at just the right time. I just hope it's a good game Sunday, no matter who wins.

    It's high end compared to what a lot of us have... especially me lol. And it's not about what you have, it's about how you use it and from what I can tell you definitely know your stuff :D
    Very cool :drunk:
    Be nice to have a little breathin room in da budget.
    And to the SG and the JCM800...I think you should get both. Just tell mama I said it'd be ok...:D
    So how ya been dude? Fambly doin ok?
    Busy as a mofo here. Pourin concrete, buildin fences, then rebuildin fences cuz I'm an idiot
    :laughings: dug out and built a tough assed cage around the sprinkler system manifold cuz the last one caved in after only 10 years. :mad: :), along with makin the bass traps, slappin da wife around n huggin my dogs...just busy dude.
    :laughings: :laughings: :laughings:
    yer killin me!

    I think I have enough booze to give it a try. :D

    And that sign could be a new avatar huh? :drunk:
    Hell yeah dude! :D
    I used to think I'd quit when I got older. :laughings:
    Not gonna happen. :D

    Besides.....I'm no quitter. :cool:


    Have a great weekend man. ;)
    hey! thanks for the friend request!!

    guess it's ok over here,,,'cept the weather...where u from yourself?

    sorry bout the butt draggin. :o

    as you know tho, in my defense, we dogs never wipe and have no thumbs.

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