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  • :laughings:

    And what a perfect way to start my day! :laughings:

    You do realize that your first note in dogspeak said that you really like to do the cha cha don't ya?

    I take it you had a swell weekend?
    SuprDude! :drunk:

    How the hell are ya man! Get your studio all done? Still digging the digs?
    Good to see you're still around man.

    Beer's on me. ;)

    I feel so special!

    Much thanks man. And a merry bow wow to you and your fambly as well, good sir.
    Moocho Congrats on da new digs man!
    :drunk: :drunk: :drunk:

    Nice house with lovely colors in the jam room.

    You picked those out yerself, dincha? :D

    Hell Yeah! That's awesome!
    Pool table, hot tub? Good dimensions for a studio? ain't gonna wanna leave
    I'll swing down and help ya move...........
    (not) :)

    But I'll be there for the house breaking (in) party :laughings:

    Definitely send some pics of the new digs when ya get dialed in. That way I can get even more jealous and hate you. :D

    Very cool indeed, good sir.
    Bow wow baby!
    Hope ya had a safe New Year. Do any jammin anywhere? I chilled, had a couple beers and was snorin and droolin by 12:30 :D

    Looks like I'm in another band. Dude called me last nite (excellent drumber) and wants to put together a rock project. Cool. I'm lookin forward to this un. kuu mang!
    Hi, sorry it took so long to write back...been busy in the extreme with the day job. Welcome to GA, and I hope you get the space you want soon. Thanks for the note. Ciao for now.
    Hey dude!Go Packers!
    For me the week is what's between packer games.At this point anything less than a Lombardt will be a dissapointment,I hope the D gets it's act together.

    It's cold!
    :laughings: :laughings:

    Literally LOL'd man. Thanks fer the morning pick me up. :drunk: (that's coffee, btw...too early fer beer :D)

    I salute you, sir...have yourself a borderline incredible day.

    p.s. sorry about the bacon :o

    p.p.s. not sorry bout yer woman :D ....
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