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    Let me introduce myself...

    Wait what, what year is it man....
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    Old Allen&Heath Mixwiz preamps

    I am contemplating getting an A&H MixWizard 16:2dx off CL, (not the wz3/4) this version is from about 1998 or so. It has 16 direct out's I intend to run into some 8-channel interface (eventually a pair), probably a presonus fp10 / firepod / firestudio / whatever theyre called. I've worked...
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    New DAW setup

    Ive been out of the game for a few years, my interface died on me and I wasnt writing anything so I never got it replaced. I have an i5 laptop with 8gb ram and a small ssd drive, and a large external usb2 / fw / esata drive to track to. The laptop has usb2, usb3, esata, and firewire so I can...
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    old skool mic, weird cable ??

    What kind of cable is this? Is there a converter that turns it into a normal xlr so I can plug it into my interface? Its from the 70's, I think I got a good deal on it. Anyone ever see one of these?
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    epiphone sg g-400 'custom shop' ?

    It's a cherry finish guitar with 2 pickups, whats with the 'custom shop' thing? I might get one this weekend. Is it any different that a normal g-400? I cant find a lot online about it..
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    The new suprstar studio thread

    Ok, so I just bought a new house, and I'm dedicating a 19x11 room in the basement for a studio. It has 8' ceilings in the middle with recessed lighting, and there's some duct work on the long sides.. The 1st pic here is a to-scale map of the room, 1 square is 1 foot. My 1st inclination is to...
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    I Can't Remember - suprstar original This was actually tracked in a studio. We won a battle of the bands, so since the guy wasnt getting paid he was lazy as hell and the final mixes he gave us sucked. He gave me the raw tracks so I can play with em - it makes me realize how...
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    Vintage Olson Electronics "Big Rock" 18's

    Big ol 18 inch subs / woofers, I think from the 50's or 60's, maybe. ? Anyone ever hear of these, or know anything about em? I got a pair for practically nothing off CL. I'm specifically interested in how much power I can push thru em. I googled for a while and can't find much on em at all...
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    2 firepods - $250 (ea) shipped

    One's in new condition in the original retail box, with the manual, cd's, power supply, everything that came with it. The other is in very good almost new shape, in the original retail box, with the manual, cd's, power supply, everything that came with it. This one has the firmware upgrade so...
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    BBE Sonic Maximzers / Aphex Aural Exciters

    I'm finding mixed reviews, what you guys think about these things? There's a gazillion of em for sale on ebay super cheap, which lead me to beleive ppl don't like em and can't get rid of em..
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    fix-my-van sale - firepod, vdrums, rack stuff, misc

    no shit, I need radiator, water pump, tires, and brakes all at once :mad: So anyway I'm downsizing my operation here... Pics upon request. I'll include shipping on any of this little light stuff: Presonus Firepod (fp10) $300 - like new, w/ all cd's, manual, cords, etc. in original retail...
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    rock / metal acoustic drums

    I'm considering selling my v-drums and getting a decent set of acoustics instead - I have waaay too much $$ tied up in em, and I'm less than thrilled with the tones.. So.. I'm looking for a sub-$1,000 used kit off CL or something. I like hard rock and metal - what kinda drums? What kinda...
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    different monitor/headphone mixes in iso rooms

    I'm pondering the best way to go about this... I don't have separate iso rooms anyway, this is merely for my curiosity. I was in a big pro studio years ago that had this setup with a bunch of iso rooms: A main console with lets say 8 aux's. Assign a drum submix to aux 1 and 2, a couple...
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    Auralex Mopads

    I just got a set cheap off ebay for my cheap monitors. Holy sheeit! :eek: My monitors sound 100x better, a whole new class, I'm amazed at the difference! I saw a couple posts telling ppl not to bother, those users haven't heard what I am hearing now..... They must not have tried em, cuz this...