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    let me see your studio!

    Here's a little piece of it.
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    Won’t Stop Believin (not to be confused with Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin”)

    Here's my mix of a Maranatha Church – Chicago song Won't Stop Believin from a mix contest. This is the first pass at the mix and is still a work in progress but would appreciate your feed back. Thanks, Simman
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    Mixing board recommendations for circa $4k or less?

    Board is in like new condition. Have extra channel strip (brand new in box) and all original boxes/pallet. Currently installed and operational in studio in NJ. I love the board but I hardly use it so I am considering parting with it. I can get better pictures - If really interested PM me.
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    Close The Door by Wildfires

    Here's a mix I did of the song Close The Door from the band Wildfires not yet released debut album; the tracks were posted as part of a mix off. A simple drums, bass and acoustic guitars tune but the drum grove is what carries the song. Really would like your comments and feed back. Thanks
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    Rise Up Singing

    Appreciate your feedback on my mix of this song. The artist is Jackie Greene (The Black Crows, Trigger Hippy) and the tracks were recoded as part of a Telefunken workshop he did.
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    Dark Horses

    Been a while since I posted here and thought I'd put this up. Didn't track the song only mixed. Appreciate your comments and recommendations. Thanks
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    New mix of an old tune

    Here's a mix of an old recording done (not by me) in 1975. Used this song to test a free plug-in from Eventide. Feedback appreciated
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    Need your feedback

    Would greatly appreciate you feedback on this mix. The song is called Stitch up by Bobby Nobody. Like the tune could use your prospective. Thanks
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    Been awhile

    Haven't posted here in awhile so I thought I'd put something up here and get some of your valued feedback. Song title is So Easy by Cristina Vane Thanks
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    For all you Mothers

    This is the first (test) mix of the song Mother by the artist Kevin Reeves using the new Waves NLS plug-in. Any comments or thoughts would be greatly apprciated. It's a wav file so it may take a bit to pull down Mother Thanks
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    Refreshments Cover

    Recorded a cover of The Refreshments tune Banditos. Would appreciate any advise and or comments on the mix. Banditos
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    1st mix using ProControl - Please Critique

    Picked up a digidesign ProControl not to long ago and am working the first mix using it. Granted the controller has no effect on the sound but it brings the ITB mixing to another level, IMO. Anyhow, I could use some fresh ears and any advice on this work in progrss; the song is a re-mix of a...
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    Work in progress - critique

    Been working on re-mix of a song from Kevin Reeves and need some fresh ears. :listeningmusic: Really hope to get some comments and would appreciate your recommendations for the mix. Afriad and Alone Thnaks
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    Throw me some feedback

    Found this while surffing another forum and figured I'd give it a go. The artist is Kevin Reeves and he posted the tracks for remixing of his song called Throw Me A Line. He has an interesting bio and the song ain't bad either. I'd appreciate any feedback on the mix. Throw Me A Line Thanks
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    Better Dynamics Production Question

    I am relatively new to Pro Tools and I'm sure this is a dumb question but I've been looking around and can't find the answer. I was hoping someone can tell me how to do what this video is describing using Pro Tools. YouTube - Producers Tricks for Better Dynamics