1st mix using ProControl - Please Critique


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Picked up a digidesign ProControl not to long ago and am working the first mix using it. Granted the controller has no effect on the sound but it brings the ITB mixing to another level, IMO. Anyhow, I could use some fresh ears and any advice on this work in progrss; the song is a re-mix of a Kerevin Reeves tune

Afriad and Alone

Any and all feed back welcome.

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Sounds good to me. Snare sounds a little dry and the cymbals are maybe a little too up-front. The vocals are dry, but it seems to suit. When you say a remix, do you mean a cover? There are some really good harmonies and the strings sound well arranged.


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Thanks for the feedback. Agree about the cymbals, I need a bit more automation on the drum overheads. This is a re-mix meaning I didn't track the song, I downloaded the tracks and just mixed them. I will say the most of he tracks were recoded well but there are tracks that have problems even clip. All in all the song is not bad. Vocals are really not that dry but may give them a bit more. Thanks a gain fro actually taking the time to comment, it is greatly appreciated.


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Snare could use a bit more snap and attack, but overall everything sounds really good!