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    Trailer 31 Saturday's Session

    Hey there. I recently recorded some songs as the upright bass payer with some friends who had some great songs. I sang backing vocals (High) also. These recordings were a blast to make. We recently came together as a band and it just felt right, so we wanted to capture the moment and make some...
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    Another AMAZING new sng....

    Please take a listen to this AMAZINGLY SAD track and give me some mixing feedback. ;) So Broken Down Thanks! Jason
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    Some new songs- Indie folk?

    OK, Here is an updated mix with all of your feedback used in some form or other. Panned the instruments differently and brought the vocals down into the mix a bit. I also scooped out the whole mix at around 3-4k and brought in a bit more highs to compensate.
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    Some new songs- Indie folk?

    Hows it going folks? Been a while since I have posted anything. Here are a few solo tracks. All recorded on my Macbook pro with Garageband with my Presonus 16.0.2 and a few mics. I played all the instruments on every song but Give Me A Way....I do have a bunch of other DAWS, have recorded with...
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    "If It Goes" Country tune! One mic and Garageband....

    Hey y'all, it has been awhile since I have stopped by. I am busy with a couple of bands here in Bend Oregon and working as the inlay artist for Breedlove, Weber and Bedell guitars. I recorded this song the other night at band practice with Garageband and one condenser mic track by track. The...
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    Delta 1010 W/ Card, Rolls Mic power I

    I have an Delta 1010 with sound card and host cable that I have used very little. No box or power adapter (can't find it). In super condition. Make me an offer I can't refuse....Description here:
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    "Yonder Mountain" MURDER SONG Feedback welcome!

    Hey all. Been a while since I have been here. Switched to a mac recently and had to leave Sonar behind.. :( Still saving up for better software that is compatible with my mac but been using Garage Band as a stop gap program to record new songs...I have also been messing with the banjo as a way...
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    Acoustic Ballad ala Ray LaMontaigne. "Water Into Wine"

    Another one I co-wrote and recorded with a friend. We played the acoustic guitars together one live take. He did lead vocals and the funky slide. I did everything else and mixed it. What do you think? No really be honest. "Water Into Wine" Thanks for...
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    New original "Heart Shaped Lake"

    Hey all. This is a song i wrote with a friend and local musician in my area. I have never co-written a song in this way before so this was a new experience for me. Brian came up with the music in the verse and chorus and showed it to me. He said it reminded him of walking around a lake in our...
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    Take Me Away.

    I wrote this a few weeks ago. It popped out in about an hour. This is a recording of me showing it to a friend who played along on his Strat. I added some organ, banjo and a bass to flesh it out a bit. I played sang and played harmonica all in the take. Looking for feedback on the song itself...
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    I feel like mixing someone elses music

    It doesnt take long to get burrowed in on a track of my own. Im curious what it would be like to mix someones music who I didn't record. Anyone have any acoustic rock or similar acoustic based tracks for me to tool with? Im thinking this would be a good learning tool, not that you will like the...
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    Drum Check, please comment.

    We are gearing up to record a 5 song EP for promotion and fun. The style is acoustic rock/adult contemporary... I was hoping some of you would give me feedback on this drum track. Drum sounds, mix, recording technique, mic placement, spectral balance.....Especially if you have an acoustically...
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    Drum recording. PLEASE GIVE FEEDBACK.

    We are gearing up to record a 5 song EP for promotion and fun. The style is acoustic rock/adult contemporary... I was hoping some of you would give me feedback on this drum track. Wondering about the mix and sounds of individual drums. This is pretty straight without any EQ or plugins. ( The...
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    comping/alternate/sub tracks automatically??

    In reason when I want to record a new line with an instrument it pops up a new sub track under the original just by pressing record again there a way to set up sonar 8 to do this? or do I just have to clone tracks in a sub folder every time?
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    Mixing with the New Mackie 1640i ?

    My partner just picked up this mixer for our studio. Stoked! 16 in and 16 out back to the mixer via firewire! He also bought a hella fast threaded quad core computer. Can't wait to get to it!! I have not had much experience mixing the old school way but I am curious how that would go with this...