Trailer 31 Saturday's Session

Jason Chinchen

Made of rubber...
Hey there.
I recently recorded some songs as the upright bass payer with some friends who had some great songs. I sang backing vocals (High) also.
These recordings were a blast to make. We recently came together as a band and it just felt right, so we wanted to capture the moment and make some recordings.
These six songs were made in ONE 6 hour Saturday night stretch. Huge thanks to Scott Oliphant for the great gear and for producing these amazing sounding recordings.

We set up in my big living room in a large triangle for the instruments. Banjo and guitar each had a AKG C414 and the bass had a Lawson tube mic and Bheringer condenser for fingerboard. Everything went through an API and into Scotts Mac via a nice interface that I didn't get a chance to scope out. Then into Reaper.

We did the instrument tracks live, no headphones, no click, no vocals. Three or four takes max until we had a keeper. Then went into my studio room and recorded the vocals with a mid-side setup using the Lawson as the Center mic and one of the 414s as the other.
We recorded the vocals live, together to the instrument tracks. Lead vocal taking the center position and each of the other two taking a side position as we recorded. I don't know that much about mid-side so I cant give you much more. Scott Oliphant, formerly of Austin Tx. took care of the engineering and mixing.

We are not great musicians but we are stoked with the outcome based on the timeframe we gave ourselves and the constraints. Go take a listen if you get a few, and like the facebook page and Revernation...
There are some pics of the recording on the sites.

Check out Back To Oregon and Give Em Hell

ENJOY and please share with your friends!
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Moved + Thank you. :)

Hi Jason,
It's nothing personal. The mp3 mixing clinic is more about advice back and forth on works in progress.