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  • :D
    That's kinda funny. My son still drinks about a half gallon of milk a day. No such thing as shopping for 2 weeks and not havin to go back. :rolleyes:

    I stay on board the DPS24 all the way thru the CD burn. I use some outboard pre's and comps but pretty much stay in the box. I figger I'll have to go computer route eventually but I'm really dreading it. :(
    At this point, all the writing on my buttons and keys on my DPS are waay faded and rubbed off. I know exactly where to go for what I'm lookin for but goin computer route is gonna put me back to re-learn mode. Time consuming for sure.
    Not lookin forward to that.

    But in the meantime, I'll just keep plunkin along, occasionally kickin out a good mix, drinkin beer, practicing my projectile vomiting and raiding people's fridges for milk, beer and cheese. ;)


    Later mang
    Hiya !
    How goes it ? I'm OK this end. Trying to get some tracking and submixing done. I decided to remix most of the stuff that I'd done on my 8 track cassette portastudio, partly because I kind of always felt they were a bit muddy and partly because I want to see if studio monitors really make that much of a difference. I've got about 30 or so tracks to remix as well as all the AKAI DPS12i stuff that I've been working on for the last couple of years. Sometimes, it gets a bit much and then I have to take a break for a week or so !
    Which reminds me, I meant to ask you, when you've completed tracking and you're ready to mix, what do you mix to ? I remember you saying you don't use computers. I'm in the same boat both with the portastudio and the Akai. I mix straight to a CD recorder.
    Well, take care mate, funny what you were saying about being out of milk, suddenly, my older son is well into it so we are out half the time ! :D
    Ssup GrimDude :D

    Just swingin by to say HI and to snag a beer. :drunk:
    You're outta milk, by the way.

    Have a swell day.........n-shit. :)
    The DPS12 huh? Cool. That's what I started with. I remember routing effects was kind of a bitch. I didn't have the "i" tho. Just the 12. Not sure what the difference is.
    Man, I remember buying a hole bunch of jaz discs. Expensive bastids at the time. Does the "I" still use jaz? Cuz I gave all that stuff to my brother and I'm not sure if he even looks at the stuff, let alone actually use it. Maybe he'd want to get rid of it if you're interested.
    If so, lemme know and I'll see what he's doin with it.
    And....if you know anyone gettin rid of their 24, let ME know, huh? I've found a couple but one was apparently made of gold :rolleyes: and the other one looked pretty well beat up.
    I'd like to have a backup for the inevitable, ya know?

    Be kuu baby...Happy tracking n shit. :D
    A fellow deepster eh? :)
    Cool. ;)

    Damn good piece of DAW man. Too bad the bat rastards made it obsolete. :mad:

    Got my room all torn apart again. Adding 6 more traps. Two I got from GIK (good people) and 4 corner traps I'm building. I think I tore it apart too soon tho cuz the shit ain't even gonna be here for 2 weeks. :o

    Oh well.....
    got beer? :D
    Yo Grim! I've been remiss in my duties. The wife hasn't sent the Hotel info as promised, but I think we'll be near a park just North of South Kensington. I really hope we can have dinner with my wife, and perhaps any significant other you may have. You seem to me a wordsmith, something that is rare indeed, especially on I'm betting you're at least a fair lyrisist. Beware of philosophy. That's where the business of writing lyric goes awry.-Richie
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