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  • Hi Veggar999,

    pt 2 of message

    The lead guitar in the intro and solo was actually played on a bass with all the bass turned off, the treble full on and put through a Behringer bass effect. I discovered that by really distorting it, the bass can actually sound like a very electric guitar and can double as a lead or rhythm part.
    I haven't done any music for a while as I've had a few things to clear out the way but now I'm back and raring to go.
    Thanks again for the message, it's really encouraging,
    take care,
    Hi Veggar999,
    I've just received this message, thank you very much, I'm glad you like the songs.
    I wrote "Washing Machine" a while back. It was actually inspired by sitting and looking at the washing machine in our kitchen and thinking about all the secrets, stories and memories that are contained in the dirt that gets washed out of our clothes each time they are washed. The washing machine itself then became a metaphor for our memories.
    I thought I'd put it in a reggae style beat because at the time, my friend Ray, from Zambia, who is a very versatile drummer, was in the country and I managed to get him to do quite a few sessions for me. The chord progression in the first verse is quite straightforward, but for the 2nd verse, I thought I'd use the related minor chords, just to see how it would sound. It really changed the feel and I liked it so I kept it in. When it came to working out the melody, I just improvised and went for it ! I thought it came out well.

    pt 2 to come
    Wow, your songs are very personal and I really love them. Listening to "Washing machine" now, and really enjoying myself. Hope you are doing good and still making music. Cheers from Stavanger, Norway
    Say man!
    How was the trip? Everything go ok?
    Good to see ya around pal.
    I've been tryin to keep everyone in line here but someone posted a pic of boobies and I got all discomboobulated. :D

    On another note...I did find out that if you just sit in the middle of the floor and drool while making snot-bubbles, people pretty much leave ya alone. :)
    Nice and peaceful if ya ever wanna try it.
    Yay Kel !
    How've you been ? Cool, I trust.
    I've been lurking rather than posting for a while but many of your posts that I see still make me laugh.
    At the moment my kids are on holiday from school and I'll be off for a couple of weeks in mid August. I'm trying to find somewhere so that we can all go on holiday and it's a real headache. I've got a real headache ! Bit by bit, Italy, Crete, Greece and Turkey have all come out of the running and Holland is looking the most likely destination. If we do go there, I'll drive and from there we can take in Belgium, France and Germany on the cheap and if we're ambitious, even Luxembourg.........though I may not be that ambitious !
    Stay cool brother man !
    G'mornin GrimDude!
    Saw a thread about ya and figgered I'd swing by and say howdy.

    I got coffee on and some peanut butter and pickle sammiches for breakfast.

    Have a swell day sir.
    You're a good dude, man, and I seriously appreciate the encouraging words. :thumbs up:

    The only thing I got going for me (in any situation) besides the grace of God, is the ability to force myself to remain calm, and as positive as I can be. If I start to let myself get all funked out, I could very easily become bitter and whiny. And who da hell does that help? :D

    Thanks buddy, and have a good weekend. :cool:

    You're a good dude, man. And I seriously appreciate the encouraging words. :thumbs up:

    The only thing I got going for me (in any situation) besides the grace of God, ability to force myself to remain calm, and as positive as I can be. If I start to let myself get all funked out, I could very easily become bitter and whiny. And who da hell does that help? :D
    Thanks buddy, and have a good weekend. :cool:

    Hey there,

    I just wanted to give you props for your ability to get to the heart of subjects, and ask kickass questions! That is not a common trait.

    I look forward all week to sitting down on Saturday, and reading Home recording - largely due to the responses that YOUR questions generate.

    Anyway, keep it up please - and thank you!

    Hi Grimtraveller I felt it would be rude to nose your profile wiout sayin so! Well travelled myself, just further along the journey! Wish you n family health n happiness. Regards Steve

    whats da haps boss?

    Good thinkin on the 12 to the 24. We've kinda done some of that. More of a transfer his ideas from the 12 to the 24 but we're slowly figurin stuff out.
    But he's got dinosaur Dad who'd still be runnin reel to reel if he could and a kid who's tryin to learn digital from said dad.:D

    But we (he) will get something flyin way or t'other.

    Thanks again man.
    As always, your ponderings are welcome here. :drunk:
    Hey grim,

    I've just been searching round the forums looking for some advice on various recording queries and it struck me - you post a lot of advice and help for folks, and you're clearly passionate about recording and music in general, but I've never heard owt of yours on here. What gives - did you used to post up your work on here and give up for some reason or have you never done so? I reckon the bored need to hear some grimtraveller originals! :)

    All the best

    I likes me some crunchy guit-fiddles. :D I was out jammin (LOUD) a couple days ago and my daughter came out and again (again, mind you) started yappin at me about how she thinks I'm too old for that stuff. :laughings:
    I told her to get a move on afore I fart dust all over her. LOL!

    Now I be lookin at da Blackstar 60 watter. Pretty sure I can get even LOUDER with that one...heh heh...CMunch is the guy who first started me lookin in Blackstar's direction and every review I've read has been good. So I figgers since me n Santa are pretty tight :) I got a pretty good chance of gettin one.
    I'll see if I can crank it loud enough so you can hear me.

    Later boss.
    Many thanks man. He was tappin into my last surviving brain cell. :)
    I'll pass these words of wisdom on to the lad and see what he can do widdit.

    Much thanks pal....
    Thanks for the rep man. I must say, I learn from your intellectual approach to answering questions on this forum. You definitely promote an individuals own opinions as the best answers. The real answers are found there always. :D
    GrimDude! :D

    Wussup mang! Saw your post and thought...."Yo canine haven't stopped by GrimDudes place recently."
    So here I am...raiding your fridge, lifting my leg on your end table and running up n down the hallway with someones underwear wrapped around my head.



    Have a swell day. ;)
    That's cool. Any way you can sync the two of em together? Or does it work that way? Or maybe it would be more hassle than it's worth. :confused:
    I dunno.
    I'm good with faders and knobs. :o
    oh....and boobies, of course. :D

    I think maybe I'm just askeered of goin the compooter route cuzza this POS I use at work. :mad: Bastid freezes up all the time and any more I just hard boot it. Unplug it while it's in the middle (frozen) of several apps.
    Probably not very good on the pooter but I feel a lot better. :)

    I actually haven't been doin much recording lately. I kinda miss it. I re-arranged my room to accommodate the band since I have the warm room to jam in :D but that meant pushing all my stuff outta the way to make that room.

    Ah well, I did, however, pick up a nifty new mini fridge. :drunk:

    Life is good my man. ;)

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