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    Great and Lame album titles

    he was one of the stars of the band, but Noddy Holder was always the main man in pretty much most peoples' minds. His was the voice, his was the presence and he co~wrote most of the songs. I'd bet that if you said "Slade" to most people that were kids and teens at the time of their heyday, the...
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    Great and Lame album titles

    During Status Quo's heyday, a great album title that they should have used and missed a great trick by not doing so was "As the Quo flies." I vaguely recall reading that Elton John suggested that one to them !
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    Lost in cables.

    Ha ha, someone's been listening to "Entre Nous" ! On the other hand, you keep to your promise not to tell someone how to talk but they didn't sign the deal !! So......
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    Great and Lame album titles

    It's an interesting one because it is neither, yet it is both a good and clever title, yet a really trite attempt at word play. It's one of those titles that can be either a brilliant one or a lame one, depending on one's mood.
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    Phillips Stereo Mic

    Do you remember much about it ?
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    How to get all 8 separate tracks together out of the TASCAM 488

    Because in the main I'd have drums in track 8 {and I always recorded with Dolby}, the drum track sometimes sounded a bit, raw, I'd call it. Sometimes a bit hissy. The Dynafex always sorted that out though. It was a while before I thought of it but I'd just connect the sync out to the Dynafex...
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    Man I feel like just giving up sometimes

    An old mate of mine, Chandra, was like that. I never believed in the concept of tone deafness until I was standing next to him once and heard him sing. He sounded like a muted whirring on an aeroplane !
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    Reverb for blend and size

    Why do you think that is and do you find a perceivable difference ? I also very deliberately use lower levels of reverb ~ for me, that has much to do with my progression in recording and mixing {such as it is}. For 10 years I slathered stuff in reverb {and, come to think of it, other effects}...
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    How to get all 8 separate tracks together out of the TASCAM 488

    Yes and yes. It is an old thread but what can one do ? There are still people that might have a 488 MK1 and may want to transfer 8 tracks simultaneously. I somehow doubt that rbeau was waiting around for 4 years for their answer ! Although it took me 8 years before I finally was able to work...
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    There is a part of me that doesn't want to talk you out of doing what you intend. After all, it is the way you are most comfortable and too often on this and other forums, a person asks a question and many of the answers don't actually answer the question in a manner that is helpful to the...
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    Man I feel like just giving up sometimes

    I don't mean that. But it may be on the road to singing. This is more in the ball park of what I meant. Most people I've ever heard sing are more in this category. My particular point specifically recognized that most people that "sing" have no reason to work on their voices. I mean, unless...
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    Recording bass

    In the 40 years I've been playing bass, I think I've bought 4 sets of strings and as far as I can recall, maybe 2 individual strings, one to replace a G string that snapped after I experimented with boiling my strings back in the 90s and a lower gauge flatwound B to go on my current bass back in...
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    Great and Lame album titles

    We'd forgive you. The bats might not ! I wonder how those die hard Slade fans would feel about that. I'd not heard of that title but it's a good one. :ROFLMAO: Good title though. Family beat them to it and I have to say, the album is even better than the title.
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    Man I feel like just giving up sometimes

    While I wouldn't say 'everyone', I'm in broad agreement with this. I think most people can sing, it's just that most people have no need to work on their voices, their breathing, their pitch and durability. I also agree with this. Sometimes, a song in one's mind sounds good but somehow, no...
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    Techniques You Use to Break a Creative Block

    This is my philosophy ~ every idea {or almost every idea} can be fashioned into a song if you can be bothered. I'm forever working on songs that started life as maybe 3 stupid notes or just a phrase or an obscure line. Then I nurture them and they eventually grow up to surprise their daddy !