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    What made Trump so bad?

    I'm late to THIS party, and have better things to do than read all the pro/anti Trump rhetoric. You just have to ask yourself one simple question. Who were YOU most comfortable living with? Who's policies are better? Are YOU better of now? I personally don't want an lame duck POTUS that is so...
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    Alex Lifeson's guitars going to auction

    I'm a big fan of Rush. The 1st rock song I ever learned on guitar was Working Man, then Fly By Night. I've seen them live several times. But I can't afford regular Rush swag, much less actual Rush artifacts. They are an expensive band to follow.
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    What did you have for dinner tonight?

    Made tuna salad.
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    Joe Biden Standing in the way of recovery according to Steve Forbes

    A proud moment for a parent when helping your child fill out 401k and insurance paperwork! Taking over their student loan payment, getting a cell phone in their name! And getting their own car insurance! Being an adult is SO fun!!!!!! Oh - oh oh, moving out! My wife and I are taking this empty...
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    What did you have for dinner tonight?

    Beans, Beans good for your heart, the more you eat, the more you fart!
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    Joe Biden Standing in the way of recovery according to Steve Forbes

    The USA has been a shit show for so long, I don't remember when it was ever that good. So really, who gives a flying fuck?
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    I like Adel just fine. Not my style of music. Rather listen to the new WhiteChapel!
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    How has Covid affected you at a personal level?

    Not much has changed here, other than postponing or canceling concerts. I'm an essential worker so I went to work everyday. Happy everything is starting to open up. And just like everyone, my family has lost loved ones due to Covid.
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    Prison music

    I'll be cheating a tad bit with live albums, Greatest Hits and movie sound tracks. Rush: All the Worlds a Stage Rush: Exit Stage Left. Forrest Gump sound track Metallica: Live Shit: Binge & Purge Bob Marley: Legend Soul Ville: Stax Records Slayer: Soundtrack to the Apocalypse Judas Priest: Sad...
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    Seeking Feedback on my first project from new home studio

    I really like the song, until the abrupt ending. A nice fade out would better suit my own ears.
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    How good can it sound?

    Thoughts? Can a microphone be modeled? Anyone have any experience with these? Slate Digital VRS8 Thunderbolt Audio Interface with VMS ML-1 Microphone | Sweetwater http:// Slate Digital VMS...
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    Arturia Pigments

    Don't have the link, but Arturia is giving an extended trial version of Pigments. Just go to their web site.
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    Getting the itch.......G.A.S. is kicking in.........

    From time to time I get the urge to get a new recording set up. But it's so expensive. I'm still using the Tascam US-1800, CakeyWalk by BandLab DAW, Akai MPK49 midi controller, Kemper Profiler & Carvin V3 +4x12 w/V30's, M-Audio BX8a studio monitors. I have a PC that's specked out, except for the...
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    Easy Drummer/Superior Drummer drum maps

    Metal! anyone have a drum map for Cakewalk? Any help would be great. Thanks.