Time for a new chair.


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Looking for a new desk chair. One with adjustable armrests that can easily be put out of the way while playing guitar.

What are you guys (& gals) using?

I'd like to keep in under $200us.


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Just got mine yesterday - a Serta AIR Lumbar Bonded Leather Manager's Office Chair. These chairs with
fixed arms are available just about everywhere, but the fold-up arm models seem to be available only
from Walmart. My local Walmart had only Black in stock.. I had to order the Brown one. Cost was $99
and they gave me a small discount for selecting store Pick-Up vs. delivery..

Assembly required - took me 10 min. to unpack and 15 min. to assemble.

I thought about getting a mesh chair (roughly same price) but decided to go with a more cushiony model to accomodate my backside. This one
isn't overly soft, it's not pillowy - just firm enough. The arms fold up vertical but due to the downward curve at the front it protrudes forward slightly
when fully raised - just slightly below my shoulder height. No problem playing guitar with the arms up.

Has good gas cylinder height adjustment. My new desk is 27" floor to underside and the chair, with arms down, slides all the way in when
lowered slightly. There is also a fixed lumbar support that's very comfortable if you like to wedge into it and sit straight. The chair tilts
backwards with an adjustment knob below - not like a recliner, though.

I actually find myself sitting a bit forward, not using the back, and sitting up straight. With the height all the way up my feet are planted
squarely and the front of the seat cushion rolls off from under my legs so there's no pressure in that area.