Gear Purge. Raising money for expensive upgrades.


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Selling many items. I'm in NW Indiana/Chicago area. Pick up would be best, but can ship at buyers expense. Most items are in excellent, well cared for in my non-smoking studio.

Pictures to come. In box me for more info.

Electro Voice MC150 Dynamic mic. Banged up a bit, the grill is smooshed. $10.

Shure Beta 52a. With pouch and original box. $120

Shure Beta 57a, pouch, clip and box. $100

Shure SM57 with pouch and clip. $60. I have 3 for sale.

Samson CO2. Stereo pair, box and case, clips. $100.
MXL V63M stereo mic. w/cable.
Blue- Blue Bird. Broken, for parts. with original pop filter and box. $30

Avid 11 Rack. has issues, maybe. not getting sound through the SPDIF. Does pass sound through the line outs. Includes PT11 liscense, a PT11 book. Behringer 1010 midi foot controller with the rom pre-routed for the 11 rack. I'm keeping the iLok, so purcher will need to get one for using PT11. Original box. "Sold"

Tascam US-1800, has issues, maybe. Not getting the signal from the 11 Rack via SPDIF. Other wise has been very reliable. $75. Original Box.

ART Pro VLA 2 compressor. w/box. $200.

Art MPA Gold. not working, for parts. W/box. $50

Alesis RA100 power amp. $50

ART FX Network. Multi FX processor. $50.

Behringer Ultra Patch Pro. $20.

Behringer HA400 headphone amp. $10

Radio Shack reverb unit. $10.

Realistic audio source selector $5

iRig $5

Fishman Triple Play midi pickup for guitar. $200

JBL M-Patch Active 1 monitor controller. w/box $50
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