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    Yamaha QY series sequencers

    Anyone got any experience/tips for using the QY-sequencers? I just bought a QY22 on eBay - kinda an impulse buy as I've been uming and ahhing over getting a beatstep pro (a very different sequencer I know) for a while to control synths and drum machines and jam with...
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    How do we feel about auto-wah pedals?

    I'm picking up the looper pedal I discussed in another thread this week and I got a decent price on my ER-1 so looking at getting a couple more pedals. Probably going to get an EHX East River Drive or Soul Food (I'm aware that they're fairly different - not fully decided which yet) and thinking...
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    Looper pedals

    I've been thinking about getting a looper. I really just want something very simple, and have been looking at the TC-Ditto and Boss RC-1 pedals. Of the 2 I'm slightly swayed by the LED ring of the Boss... Just wondered if there're any other basic loopers I should consider before I make a final...
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    Blackstar ID Core Beam - anyone used?

    Found out that I'm being given a bonus in December's paycheck which is wicked. I've chosen a new guitar (been drooling on a hollow body for months) and am picking it up on weds... I've got an old Line6POD that I still use occasionally to record with as I don't have an amp these days. So I'd...
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    Samples and Synths

    I've been on that old school vibe again recently and after spending a couple months just messing with synths and grooveboxes I went digging for some vinyl. Made this. Unmixed and needs some arrangement tweaks but had my head noddin.
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    Couple guitar purchases - small budget.

    I've been playing my acoustic a fair bit recently and would like to get more guitar into my recordings (I use a lot of samples and synths). My oldest (12) has been having lessons and has a cheap strat copy (Shine) which I've borrowed and frankly - it sounds bloody horrible plugged in so I'm in...
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    Fender Rhodes Sound.

    Had the day off today and the house to myself and started on a track. Decided early on that I needed a Rhodes-Type piano in there and used a Massive preset (I think it's labelled 'Original Rhodes'). Not massively happy with the sound TBH but didn't want to waste session time editing the sound...
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    Windows 10 upgrade.

    Couple of questions... 1) I've pressed the upgrade button and have been staring at a spinny doughnut and the words "Please wait" for the last 10 minutes... How long is it supposed to take; and why am I not being informed of its progress? 2) When it is done (and this could answer my third...
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    Kill it. Kill it dead. It's not good. Autotune is not good. I'm serious. Kill it. Kill it dead. #saynotoautotune
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    To Hoard or to Clear-Out

    I've been looking at my set-up and specifically stuff I just never use, for a while now. And after a lunch trip to friends yesterday, while the wives talked babies the lads went into his cellar studio and I retrieved more of my gear that was on loan that he's no longer using... So now I've got...
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    Charity shop - Thrift store - Boot sale - Garage sale ... RECORD DIGGING GEMS!

    Thought I'd start a thread for people to post music featuring samples taken from records bought on the cheap at charity/thrift stores, boot sales etc... This is a work in progress from a really nice record that cost me 50 pence at a charity shop on the high street during my lunch break last...
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    Rode NT1a at Amazon Deal

    Bargain going at Amazon right now for anyone looking for their first large diaphragm condenser... £115! RODE NT1-A Condenser Microphone Bundle: Musical Instruments
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    Studio Projects VTB-1 vs Focusrite Scarlett built-in Preamps

    Hi. Anyone got experience of the VTB-1 ? Seen one going very cheap but wonder if there'll be any improvement of sound over the Scarlett's in-built pres as it's at the budget end of the preamp market anyway? Would be used as DI for bass guitar and pre for SE2200ii Currently just use the 2i2...
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    Using different polar patterns effectively

    This has probably been seen before by many as it's from back in 2007 but I just found it and found it useful... Using Microphone Polar Patterns Effectively
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    Just picked up a bargain mic

    Just got a New SE2200a II mp for £169 from my local (Leeds) store! Very happy!