Fender Rhodes Sound.

Dave Holmes

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Had the day off today and the house to myself and started on a track.

Decided early on that I needed a Rhodes-Type piano in there and used a Massive preset (I think it's labelled 'Original Rhodes').

Not massively happy with the sound TBH but didn't want to waste session time editing the sound in Massive. I always think of the Rhodes as being slightly 'bell-like' (not as bell like as a Wurlitzer) and this preset just isn't...

Anyone know of any (dare I say it) cheap/free Fender Rhodes sounds that are any better than the Massive preset?

(I again find myself lusting over the new Yamaha Reface CP...)


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I've had reasonable results with the original MrRay from this collection, though I've never been super happy with the longer sustain and release characteristics. I've never actually tried MrRay73 (think they have added it to the collection more recently than my download), nor the Mk II version that actually costs money.

I ended up getting a deal on Addictive Keys a while back, and that Rhodes sounds pretty good, but again it gets funky at the tail, especially if you push it through something with some overdrive/distortion. Honestly, not really worth it just for the Rhodes, but the pianos are pretty good, too, so I don't really regret the purchase.

Both of those are too resource intensive for live work, so I end up using clavia lab for that. It's pretty flexible, and close enough for the horrible noise I make in a live setting, but it doesn't really sound much like a Rhodes.


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Do you happen to have Komplete? I know that Massive is a part of that package. If you do, Kontakt has a preset in Vintage Keys called "On the Rhode" or something....pretty spot on! The default is heavy reverb, but that can easily be switched off.