Yamaha QY series sequencers

Dave Holmes

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Anyone got any experience/tips for using the QY-sequencers?
I just bought a QY22 on eBay - kinda an impulse buy as I've been uming and ahhing over getting a beatstep pro (a very different sequencer I know) for a while to control synths and drum machines and jam with...


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Ya, I get a itch for a qy300, etc.(like I'm gonna figure that out) I did pick up a qy10 and I'm using it mostly as a portable sound module. I would rather just record the MIDI than step edit. So happens, I just ordered the baby Korg Sunday(with a nanokey). For song sequencers, I have the qy10, old Korg SQD-1, Kawai q80 ?? and stuff in keyboards. I'm using the beat sequencers mostly because I can on/off and move on to trying to make something musical. Right now, I'm inclined to use the Trigger Finger Pro and a Casio xw-p1 that has it's own sounds. But more of these low-priced toys have fake modular.

The Bastl Kastle has sync i/o on that 3.5mm patch cable, so I thought I might as well get the little Korg SQ. In that game, I've the Volca FM, Microbrute and Keystep, & akai rhythm wolf